Uses of Hemp – Join the hemp revival by building your own tiny house out of hemp

Among the thousands of Uses of Hemp is hempcrete, a sustainable hemp-based construction material with many additional benefits.

In the United States, the hemp industry has been making a comeback in the past few years, and many entrepreneurs are rediscovering its many uses. For example, a company in Colorado gives workshops on how to build your own tiny hemp house.

Hemp is often misjudged because of its close relation, marijuana. Although hemp and marijuana are both species of Cannabis sativa L., hemp contains a fraction of the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC).

Uses of Hemp

Once a flourishing crop in the U.S., especially during World War II, hemp production came to a screaming halt in the 70’s when marijuana was added to the list of Schedule I drugs under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Hemp got lumped in with marijuana and suddenly a federal permit was required to grow it.

The 2014 Farm Bill has spurred on a revival of the hemp industry in the U.S., and hemp-based products such as hempcrete are hitting the market and growing in popularity.

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Uses of Hemp – New York’s first Industrial Hemp Summit reveals truth about hemp

With over 25,000 Uses of Hemp, this miracle plant has a whole lot to offer. It can be used to make textiles, rope, carpeting, wallpaper, plastics and paper, to name a few.

The city of Ithaca, NY, recently hosted the first Industrial Hemp Summit to talk about how the plant could benefit the agriculture industry of New York – what you hear about hemp, (the thousands of uses, the benefits for farmers, its potential for being a cash crop), is not a myth.

Hemp is an attractive plant in many ways. It can be used in many different industries for an array of different products, but it so seldom is because it is not legal to grow in the state of New York….. yet.

The reason it’s prohibited is because of its affiliation with marijuana, and wrongly so. Although it looks like the same plant it is distinct in a very significant way – there are only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical that gets you high.

Uses of Hemp

Don Viands, professor at Cornell University, has researched the plant and says people are unaware of the differences between the two plants. There are literally thousands of uses of hemp. Different parts of the plant can be used for various products and materials, from textiles and paper to plastics and food products.

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Uses of Hemp – NZ hemp brew launch coincides with new law allowing hemp seed products

Hemp beer is just one of many Uses of Hemp and a new brew has been launched by a group of entrepreneurs in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Uses of Hemp

It is quite possibly the first hemp beer to be produced in the country, and it’s no coincidence that the brew is being launched on the same day that the new law allowing the sale of hemp seed products comes into effect.

The ale is called Pre-Hemptive Strike, and it was created by Sunshine Brewery’s master brewer Chris Scott. The hemp seeds were grown by Tai Pukenga Ltd on a small plot of hemp in Manutake.

Hemp is marijuana’s cousin, but although they are both part of the cannabis sativa family, hemp contains very low levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical that gives the high.

According to Scott, the hemp seeds provide more protein than other beers, and it has a slightly spicy flavour.

Sunshine Brewery will begin serving Pre-Hemptive Strike on April 28th, while the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation announces the new law that allows hemp seeds for human consumption.

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Uses of Hemp – The drive for hemp

There are so many Uses of Hemp it’s pretty near impossible to even know them all.

Uses of Hemp

If, when you hear the word hemp, you think of marijuana, weed, or pot, think again. Although both stem from the cannabis plant, hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component, and a group of people are driving through the U.S.A. to make this distinction clear.

The Hemp Road Trip bus has already travelled to 44 states, and is currently stationed in South Carolina. The group of travellers is on a mission to educate legislators and others about the hemp plant and its many uses.

Rick Trojan, founder of the hemp road trip, says their ultimate goal is to have industrial hemp removed from the controlled substances act, and to grant permission to farmers across the U.S. to grow hemp.

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Uses of Hemp – Montego Bay minister rallies for alternative construction materials

A Minister in Montego Bay is encouraging the construction industry to take a look at the Uses of Hemp as an option for building materials.

In St. James, Montego Bay, Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr. Horace Chang, is asking those involved in the construction industry to consider other technologies besides the conventional use of concrete and steel that builders have become so accustomed to using.

Uses of Hemp

Dr. Chang says there is too much dependence on the traditional heavy materials, such as the desire for thick blocks and slabs of steel. He is encouraging the use of alternative materials that are less harmful to the environment but still retain the ability produce aesthetically pleasing construction.

The minister was a speaker at the recent opening of the inaugural Build Expo and Conference, scheduled to take place at the Montego Bay Convention Centre from June 9-11.

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Uses of Hemp – Wisconsin lawmakers wish to join the hemp industry revival

Recognising the many Uses of Hemp, Wisconsin lawmakers want to see hemp production legalised in the state, to encourage a revival of its past success. It would give farmers the opportunity to cultivate an adaptable and resilient crop in their fields, and research from several other states gives a promising indication that hemp has great potential as a cash crop.

In March, Rep. Jesse Kremer and Sen. Patrick Testin presented a bill in favour of legalising hemp production. The plant has many uses. Its fibre can be used to produce fabric, rope, and insulation and its oil and seeds can be used to make food products and cosmetics. Hemp is also being used to create large scale batteries and auto parts.

Uses of Hemp

At a time in history, Wisconsin was America’s leader in hemp production. During World War II, at the height of its success, the state was responsible for seventy-five percent of the hemp grown in the country. But a crash followed, and China moved in on the market. Today, all across the U.S., states are signing up to bring back their hemp industry, and Wisconsin lawmakers want to get on board.

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Uses of Hemp – Colorado to conduct study in favour of hemp in animal feed

There are countless Uses of Hemp including a supplement for animal feed, but it is currently illegal in the U.S.A.

However, due to a recent bill that was passed, the Colorado Department of Agriculture is about to begin research on the benefits of adding industrial hemp to animal feed. If all goes well, farmers will be able to add hemp to the diet of their livestock by next year.

Uses of Hemp

Being able to add hemp to animal feed would be a huge plus for hemp farmers. According to Mike Sullivan, owner of Johnstown-based Hemp Farm Colorado, a major hurdle for hemp farmers is finding processors that will buy direct from the farmer.

Hemp in animal food is illegal because the Food and Drug Administration sees it as contamination, rather than a healthy food supplement.

State Sen. Kerry Donovan and Rep. Jeni Arndt sponsored Bill 109, which gives the order for the study. The commissioner of agriculture will lead the research project. The research team will include several people experienced with the industry, such as a hemp producer, a hemp processor, a legal expert, a person with knowledge of hemp policies, and a veterinarian.

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Uses of Hemp – How Italian farmers are cleaning their soil with cannabis

In Taranto, Italy, farmers are benefiting from one of the many Uses of Hemp – to remove toxins from the soil of their fields.

In past years, this area of Italy had been celebrated for its production of cheeses, but the fields that were once filled with roaming sheep, are now filled with a species of cannabis. It’s not the smokable kind of cannabis, however, it’s the kind of cannabis that can be used to extract toxins from contaminated soil – hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component that gives the high.

CBS visited a local farm in the region, owned by Vincenzo Fornaro, and witnessed a barren farm that was once home to more than six hundred sheep. Fornaro said that his family made ricotta and meat for many years, passing the tradition down through generations.

Everything changed in 2008 when the Italian government ordered all his sheep be destroyed, after the toxic chemical dioxin was found in his sheep. An enormous nearby steel plant was responsible for the toxins. It released contaminants into the environment, which had a detrimental effect on the surrounding areas.

To detoxify his land, Fornaro planted fields of industrial hemp, which is known to draw heavy metals from contaminated soil. The process is called phytoremediation.

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Uses of Hemp – North Carolina begins hemp program

North Carolina will become more familiar with the Uses of Hemp as the state begins cultivating and researching the new crop.

This year, some farmers will be replacing their corn fields with fields of hemp. Farmers in North Carolina are being encouraged to participate in a trial across the state, to grow industrial hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Although hemp is a cousin of marijuana, it is not used as a recreational drug. Rather, it is used to make a vast amount of products such as cloth and oils, and it will be a huge boost for farmers who can replace lower priced crops with the more lucrative hemp.

According to Sandy Stewart, director of the Research Station for the state’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Resources, NC farmers are extremely interested in growing hemp.

Being in the same plant family as marijuana (cannabis), the two plants look exactly the same. When the federal government made cannabis illegal in the 1930s, hemp was included.

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Uses of Hemp – Northern home builder eager to see hemp legalized in Alaska

Building materials are one of the many Uses of Hemp, and a home builder in Alaska sees the potential of using hemp for northern living.

Although Alaska was third on the list of states to legalize marijuana, it has yet to recognize the benefits of its close cousin, hemp. Marijuana and hemp are both species of the cannabis plant.

Uses of Hemp

With building interest for new industry and business in Alaska, the issue of hemp legalization is drawing attention amongst lawmakers. For Alaska to legalize industrial hemp cultivation for economic purposes, would be to follow in the footsteps of at least thirty other states.

Home builder Jack Bennet of Homer, Alaska, has invested time and expertise on a model home that could potentially be a very viable housing solution for the northern state. His building material of choice is made from hemp, and he has been working on the development of a brick that is suitable for the cold northern temperatures.

Unfortunately, the hemp needs to be imported from Holland because it is still illegal to grow in Alaska. Bennet would love to be able to acquire hemp from local farmers.

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