Uses of Hemp – Four states in the Southwest take a closer look at hemp

The farmers who are growing industrial hemp tend to be as many and varied as the Uses of Hemp itself.

Uses of Hemp

At a recent agricultural event in America’s Southwest, it was found that it’s not just farmers who are interested in the new boom industry that industrial hemp is becoming.

At a key moment during the event, a representative of Mesa Verda Ag Solutions determined that the number of growers will increase exponentially this year.

This is not surprising, considering the amount of uses for this amazing crop. Uses from rope, textiles and building materials, to food and medicine, it is the wonder plant of the future.

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Uses of Hemp – Porsche paves the way to a future of sustainable race cars

The new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport exhibits one of the most innovative Uses of Hemp. The race car doesn’t stand out from the others in appearance, but when it comes to breaking new ground in construction, it does.

Uses of Hemp

The new GT4 Clubsport is leading the way in sustainable manufacturing. Parts of the car are being built with natural materials such as hemp and flax, replacing some of the synthetic components.

This could be just the beginning of sustainable race cars, and Porsche is a proud leader in this new direction.

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Uses of Hemp – India reconnects with its hemp history and cultivation

When the whole plant is harvested and processed, there are over 25,000 Uses of Hemp, and it’s known to be a very profitable crop to boot.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp has become more accepted as an agricultural crop worldwide, and is shedding its association with its controversial cousin, marijuana.

India has a rich cultural and religious history with hemp. It was used as medicine and for producing textiles, and now it’s making a comeback.

The Uttarakhand Government has implemented new laws that will open doors for industrial hemp cultivation. The crop will be used to produce medicine, textiles, food products, paper and building materials.

Hemp is an incredibly versatile crop that can boost local and global economies.

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Uses of Hemp – Mobile processing equipment could provide economical solution for farmers

A new enterprise could help Canadian farmers reap the benefits of the many Uses of Hemp, without having to invest in their own processing equipment.

Uses of Hemp

Jesse Hahn and Tam Tekle of Natural Fibre Technologies, Alberta, have concocted a brilliant plan to provide mobile hemp and flax decorticators for farmers. This option for crop processing could create a significant shift in Canada’s hemp industry.

Decortication is an expensive investment for farmers, which poses an obstacle for hemp processing. Mobile processing equipment would provide a much more economical option for farmers with no risk factor.

This new business venture could help encourage farmers to choose hemp as an alternative crop. Natural Fibre Technologies would use the hemp fibre to produce such products as construction materials, mulch and animal bedding. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

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Uses of Hemp – Turkey to revitalize its once-thriving crop

Turkey wants to cash in on the many Uses of Hemp by ramping up its hemp production.

Uses of Hemp

Industrial hemp was once a thriving crop in Turkey. It has diminished significantly, but lawmakers are looking to revitalize the industry. They recognize the many uses of hemp, from automotive to medical uses, and want to tap in to the industry.

Although Turkey was once one of the world leaders of hemp production, it currently imports a large amount of materials for various industries, such as automotive, paper and textiles. Growing more hemp would reduce import costs and increase their independence.

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Uses of Hemp – The U.S. takes the final step to legalize hemp

The Uses of Hemp are endless, from food and body care products to clothing and textiles and everything in between. After a ban that lasted several decades, the U.S. has legalized hemp, bringing the crop back into the mainstream.

Uses of Hemp

The hemp industry’s financial projections are in the billions. Hemp products are hugely popular among American’s. However, the U.S. has had to source its textiles, industrial products and hemp seeds from other countries.

Finally, farmers have been granted the opportunity to grow this versatile crop and join in on the global hemp market.

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Uses of Hemp – Benefits of cannabis far beyond smoking

There are countless Uses of Hemp, none of which include the recreational use that is so commonly associated with marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana both stem from the cannabis sativa plant, but they are different species. While marijuana is mostly grown for its high THC content, (the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high), hemp contains no more than 0.3 percent THC.

Hemp has a very long list of uses, and it doesn’t include smokable products. Products made from hemp range include clothing, textiles, lotions and cosmetics.

Uses of Hemp

One of the most beneficial uses of hemp is as food. Hemp foods, made from hulled hemp seed, are loaded with nutrients, fibre, healthy fats and minerals. Adding hemp foods such as hemp protein, hemp oil, and raw hulled hemp seed will give your daily diet a healthy boost. You can find quality hemp food products here.

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Uses of Hemp – Hemp is on the cusp of transforming tech industries worldwide

There are many Uses of Hemp today, and we have become accustomed to seeing such hemp-based products as food, textiles, construction and personal care. Now, however, this humble plant is on the cusp of breaking into the technological age, and it’s happening on a global scale.

Uses of Hemp

In 2014, Giadha Aguirre De Carcer, founded the analytics company, New Frontier Data. The company specialises in the cannabis industry and, therefore, has been closely observing the revitalisation of the world’s hemp industry over the past five years.

This sustainable, cost-efficient plant is an incredibly versatile crop, and it has grown into one of the most important natural resources on the planet.

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Uses of Hemp – New hemp technology sparks interest from Olympics organisers

There are thousands of Uses of Hemp, and the list keeps growing. Now, a new process to prevent concrete from cracking is about to be added.

Uses of Hemp

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. is developing a way of using hemp fibres to prevent cracking in concrete. The new technique has sparked interest in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics coordinators. They want to use it for their bobsleigh and luge tracks, where preventing cracks in the concrete is crucial.

Highly-technical construction projects such as swimming pools, skate parks and olympic bobsled tracks, require fibres that can prevent cracking and that are easy to work with. Glass and plastic fibres are commonly used for this, but neither get the job done as successfully and reliably as hemp. Hemp has proven to be the only fibre that can do the job.

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Uses of Hemp – The Canadian government is investing in hemp’s future

The Canadian Federal government is investing in the Uses of Hemp and the bounteous opportunities this versatile crop has to offer.

Uses of Hemp

The Federal government has invested over $330,000 in the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) to assist the process of quality evaluation and standardisation.

In addition to this financial investment, the government has amended hemp regulations to allow for whole plant harvest. This will open up doors for the Canadian hemp industry and help get Canada’s quality hemp into food and other products.

The list of Uses of Hemp is in the thousands, from clothing and building materials to food and fuel, and the legislation changes will help diversify, and expand, the hemp industry in Canada.

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