Uses of Hemp – Australians with new laws add hemp to one of their favourite pastimes

With the legalisation of hemp as a food product in Australia, one hemp farmer is showing new Uses of Hemp. A Western Australian hemp farmer, Chris Blake, is working in collaboration with a brewer from Rocky Ridge Brewery to come up with a hemp beer.

Uses of Hemp

The brewer, Hamish Coates, said he is looking forward to seeing how consumers accept this, and other new products from the industry, now that hemp is in its legal infancy.

Other products about to hit Aussie shelves include hemp chocolate and hemp oil, as Australia looks forward to a successful launch to its new industry.

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Uses of Hemp – A new deal could help spur a sustainable future for hemp apparel in the U.S.

One of the greatest Uses of Hemp is textiles, and Bastcore, a company based in Omaha, recently signed a deal that could help hemp become a standard material for apparel producers in the U.S.

For the first time in the U.S., a hemp processing company has established a supply contract with an apparel company. The contract means that Bastcore will begin growing the kind of hemp that is best suited for textile production, and will supply it directly to Recreator Hemp Apparel, the California-based clothing company.

Uses of Hemp

The contract could potentially spur on hemp’s placement in the textile industry in the U.S. It will also help establish a sustainable hemp industry, with hemp fibre being grown by local farmers, and Bastcore processing the fibres into yarn. The yarn will then be sent to Recreator Hemp Apparel to be made into clothing.

Contracts such as these could greatly benefit the budding hemp industry in the U.S.

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Uses of Hemp – How hemp can help transform the textile industry

When we think of textiles, we may think of materials like cotton, polyester, nylon and spandex, but did you know that one of the many Uses of Hemp is fibre and textiles? Hemp offers a sustainable option that could help transform the textile industry.

Unlike the environmentally-destructive processes of making the former textiles, hemp is not only a sustainable and adaptable crop, it also produces textiles that are breathable, antibacterial, and long-lasting.

As a crop, hemp grows quickly, doesn’t need a lot of water to grow, and is not harmful to the environment, due to the fact that fertilisers and pesticides are unnecessary.

Uses of Hemp

You may be asking yourself why hemp is not already a mainstay of the textile industry.

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Uses of Hemp – Pot’s mother plant has many benefits, medicinal and otherwise

Many are beginning to realise that the mother of all cannabis plants is in fact hemp and the Uses of Hemp are becoming widely known.

Uses of Hemp

This plant, with its low THC content, is legal to grow in many states across the U.S.A. and many other countries.

One of the biggest product possibilities is CBD oil, which has many medicinal and health benefits.

CBD oil is a recently-discovered use of hemp, but before we focus on this, it’s important to take a look at how well this plant has been used in the past. Although similar to marijuana, hemp was one of the earliest plants used for such products as rope, clothing, and animal bedding.

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Uses of Hemp – How hemp is helping us get back to natural building and housing

It’s amazing, the new ways of doing things, which are being found in the great innovative Uses of Hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Today, a man helping with a building project began to notice that the material he was using was not standard. What he was using was something that smelled and felt, quote “full of the tanginess of muddy forests”.

The thing he was talking about was hempcrete, a revolutionary new product that is storming the American building industry. His thoughts are very interesting and thought provoking.

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Uses of Hemp – Building with hemp is a superior, sustainable solution for the future

At Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina, students are learning first hand about one of the most valuable Uses of Hemp.

Students enrolled in the Sustainability Technologies Program are discovering new construction methods and materials that are more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

According to John Wojciechowski, a professor in the school’s department, the goal of the program is to develop superior building techniques that will lead the industry towards a more sustainable and energy efficient future.

Building with hemp is an excellent solution. It’s a high performance material that is carbon neutral and environmentally-friendly. It’s also cost effective, breathable, and has excellent thermal properties.

Uses of Hemp

Some of the students in the program have put hemp to the test by building their own tiny hemp house, and they’ve been learning valuable lessons along the way.

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Uses of Hemp – China is the superpower of industrial hemp

Hemp growers in China benefit from the many Uses of Hemp as they sell all parts of the plant to a variety of industries. The fibrous stalks are sold to textile companies, the leaves, with their medicinal properties, are sold to pharmaceutical companies, and the seeds go to food manufacturers who produce nutritious snacks, oils, and beverages.

Jiang Xingquan, a farmer in northern China, grows a plot of hemp every spring. He grows about 600 hectares of hemp each year, and it is legal for him to do so.

Xingquan is one of many farmers in Heilongjiang province, cashing in on this crop and earning at least 10,000 yuan (USD$1,500) per hectare. Other crops yield a fraction of this amount. An additional benefit is that hemp requires almost no pesticides, greatly reducing this added expense.

In this northern province, hemp cultivation became legal and regulated just last year. Prior to that, the government simply ignored the issue, allowing farmers to get away with growing it, appreciating the economic benefit for the people. Yunnan province, where regulations have been in place since 2003, is the other major hemp-growing region in China.

Uses of Hemp

These two areas make up a thriving industry in China, and are responsible for approximately half of the world’s legal supply of hemp.

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Uses of Hemp – Will the multi-purpose crop become Alberta’s billion dollar boom?

The Uses of Hemp are in the thousands, and the great thing about it, is that everyone involved with the hemp process can profit from it, from farming to processing, manufacturing and marketing.

Uses of Hemp

A research centre 100 km east of Edmonton is on the verge of creating an economic boom for Canada’s hemp industry, according to Jan Slaski, head of crop development and management for the Alberta Innovates subsidiary.

Slaski has a collection of hemp products, from construction materials and car parts to longboards, beer and granola. He predicts that over the next two years several large-scale hemp facilities will open up in Alberta, affirming the province as the hemp centre of Canada.

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Uses of Hemp – Halifax County company gives NC hemp industry a roaring good start

In eastern North Carolina, Halifax County hemp farmer Scott Propheter speaks to the County Board of Commissioners about the many Uses of Hemp and of its bright future in the area.

Uses of Hemp

Propheter wears many hats at the Hobogood division of Criticality, including operations control and CEO, and he spoke about the company’s investment into a substantial industrial hemp extraction facility in Hobgood, Halifax County.

With the uses of hemp encompassing a variety of industries, from industrial and environmental to apparel and nutrition, there is no end to the opportunities of the industrious plant.

Hobogood division of Criticality will be focusing on the health benefits of cannabinoids, which has been shown to relieve pain, reduce blood sugar levels, and may prove to be used as treatment for cancer.

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Uses of Hemp – Tiny hemp homes provide solutions to housing dilemmas

Some of the Uses of Hemp these days are amazing and quite ingenious. Take tiny homes, for example. They’re providing answers to many housing dilemmas.

Tiny homes are growing in popularity for a variety of reasons, from reducing living costs to providing homes for displaced persons. The other housing need that tiny homes can provide an answer to, are workers’ accommodations, as in some places where seasonal and short-term labour is needed, the cost of housing is prohibitive.

Uses of Hemp

With prices of land and building materials skyrocketing, tiny homes have become a dream of many, but one man’s dream and imagination has made it easier than ever.

A fast and easy-growing crop, hemp can mature in 3 to 5 months compared to the 20 to 30 years it takes to grow trees. With Ryan Chadwick’s brilliant Stay Konda concept, hemp is now being used as a building product to make small, easily-transported and cheap mini units that can be used to house workers in areas like Aspen, Nantucket, Montauk and New York City, but could also be used for cheap housing for many of those that like the tiny home idea.

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