Uses of Hemp – S.C. passes law to allow hemp pilot program

With the many Uses of Hemp and its economic potential, it’s no surprise that one more U.S. state is getting on board.

South Carolina recently took the plunge to allow test plots of industrial hemp in the state. If farmers participate in the pilot program, which aims to explore the potential success of growing hemp in the state, S.C. could very well end up with a new cash crop.

Uses of Hemp

Industrial hemp can be used to make all kinds of products, such as fabrics, carpeting, fuel, food and nutritional supplements, paper, industrial oils, and plastics. The list goes on and on.

The BMW manufacturer in Greer, U.S. has utilised hemp in several of their models over the years, including the BMW i3.

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Uses of Hemp – PM Andrew Holness keen to see hemp as new building material for Jamaica

Recognising that block, steel and concrete are outdated building options, Prime Minister Andrew Holness learns of one of the many Uses of Hemp – hempcrete.

Speaking at the opening of the inaugural Build Expo and Conference in Montego Bay, Holness spoke about the need to look for new building technologies that are equal in strength to the traditional block, steel and concrete, but also energy efficient, sustainable, easier to work with, and more economical.

Uses of Hemp

Holness communicated his hope that the conference would bring forth new, innovative construction ideas and methods for the local area.

American Joy Beckman presented hempcrete, a hemp-based building material that meets all the criteria mentioned by Holness. In response, Holness expressed a keen interest in hempcrete and said he’d like to see more of the hemp-based product.

Although hemp is not currently grown in Jamaica, Holness said there have been discussions about developing a hemp industry in Jamaica for years.

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Uses of Hemp – Farming and environmental groups help pave way for hemp revival

The state of Illinois is making way for farmers and processors to cash in on the many Uses of Hemp. The Illinois Senate recently passed a bill that would permit hemp cultivation in the state, under the regulations of the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Now it’s up to the House to approve the motion.

The Illinois Stewardship Alliance and the Illinois Farmers Union worked together to introduce this bill, and joined forces with the Illinois Environmental Council and Illinois Farm Bureau to initiate a revival of the states’ hemp industry.

Up until eighty years ago, hemp was a thriving crop in the United States. It was mainly cultivated for its fibre, which was used to make rope and cloth. Today hemp can be used to produce over 25,000 different products, from food and cosmetics to plastic alternatives and building materials.

Uses of Hemp

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Uses of Hemp – Pennsylvania begins hemp pilot programs across the state

Pennsylvania is one of many states that is now on board with exploring the many Uses of Hemp and its immense economic potential. There are now 16 hemp plots across the state that are legally growing hemp for research purposes, and its the first legal hemp to grow in the state in over 80 years.

One of the plots is a 3-acre field in Upper Saucon Township. Today it’s a field of old cornstalks, but in less than a month it’s expected to be a lush field of industrial hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Another plot is owned by an organic farmer in Northumberland county who intends to grow hemp to research its value as an oil for human consumption and for producing cosmetics, soap, and other products.

The Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp Council is assisting a research project in an abandoned anthracite mine in Luzerne County, to test the plant’s ability to restore the toxic soil, and also to see if it can grow in unfavourable conditions.

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Uses of Hemp – Australia’s hemp industry buzzing with excitement

With Australia’s recent approval of hemp seeds for human consumption, food has now been added to the legal Uses of Hemp in the country. As a result, there is a buzz of excitement in the hemp industry in Australia, as people are beginning to recognise the immense potential of this new industry.

Colin Steddy, director of the Hemp Corporation and West Australian hemp grower, made a trip to China to learn more about the hemp industry there. He reported that China will grow a million acres of hemp this year. Currently, China gets a lot of its seeds from Bangladesh and Africa, but supply is limited, and they would prefer to buy the superior quality of Australian seeds.

Uses of Hemp

While in China, Steddy discovered some new uses of hemp and brought an array of products home with him. Most notably, biodegradable plastic bags and shipping pallets, but in China hemp is also being used to produce construction materials, clothing, mattresses and furniture.

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Uses of Hemp – Join the hemp revival by building your own tiny house out of hemp

Among the thousands of Uses of Hemp is hempcrete, a sustainable hemp-based construction material with many additional benefits.

In the United States, the hemp industry has been making a comeback in the past few years, and many entrepreneurs are rediscovering its many uses. For example, a company in Colorado gives workshops on how to build your own tiny hemp house.

Hemp is often misjudged because of its close relation, marijuana. Although hemp and marijuana are both species of Cannabis sativa L., hemp contains a fraction of the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC).

Uses of Hemp

Once a flourishing crop in the U.S., especially during World War II, hemp production came to a screaming halt in the 70’s when marijuana was added to the list of Schedule I drugs under the federal Controlled Substances Act. Hemp got lumped in with marijuana and suddenly a federal permit was required to grow it.

The 2014 Farm Bill has spurred on a revival of the hemp industry in the U.S., and hemp-based products such as hempcrete are hitting the market and growing in popularity.

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Uses of Hemp – New York’s first Industrial Hemp Summit reveals truth about hemp

With over 25,000 Uses of Hemp, this miracle plant has a whole lot to offer. It can be used to make textiles, rope, carpeting, wallpaper, plastics and paper, to name a few.

The city of Ithaca, NY, recently hosted the first Industrial Hemp Summit to talk about how the plant could benefit the agriculture industry of New York – what you hear about hemp, (the thousands of uses, the benefits for farmers, its potential for being a cash crop), is not a myth.

Hemp is an attractive plant in many ways. It can be used in many different industries for an array of different products, but it so seldom is because it is not legal to grow in the state of New York….. yet.

The reason it’s prohibited is because of its affiliation with marijuana, and wrongly so. Although it looks like the same plant it is distinct in a very significant way – there are only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical that gets you high.

Uses of Hemp

Don Viands, professor at Cornell University, has researched the plant and says people are unaware of the differences between the two plants. There are literally thousands of uses of hemp. Different parts of the plant can be used for various products and materials, from textiles and paper to plastics and food products.

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Uses of Hemp – NZ hemp brew launch coincides with new law allowing hemp seed products

Hemp beer is just one of many Uses of Hemp and a new brew has been launched by a group of entrepreneurs in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Uses of Hemp

It is quite possibly the first hemp beer to be produced in the country, and it’s no coincidence that the brew is being launched on the same day that the new law allowing the sale of hemp seed products comes into effect.

The ale is called Pre-Hemptive Strike, and it was created by Sunshine Brewery’s master brewer Chris Scott. The hemp seeds were grown by Tai Pukenga Ltd on a small plot of hemp in Manutake.

Hemp is marijuana’s cousin, but although they are both part of the cannabis sativa family, hemp contains very low levels of THC, the psychoactive chemical that gives the high.

According to Scott, the hemp seeds provide more protein than other beers, and it has a slightly spicy flavour.

Sunshine Brewery will begin serving Pre-Hemptive Strike on April 28th, while the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation announces the new law that allows hemp seeds for human consumption.

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Uses of Hemp – The drive for hemp

There are so many Uses of Hemp it’s pretty near impossible to even know them all.

Uses of Hemp

If, when you hear the word hemp, you think of marijuana, weed, or pot, think again. Although both stem from the cannabis plant, hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive component, and a group of people are driving through the U.S.A. to make this distinction clear.

The Hemp Road Trip bus has already travelled to 44 states, and is currently stationed in South Carolina. The group of travellers is on a mission to educate legislators and others about the hemp plant and its many uses.

Rick Trojan, founder of the hemp road trip, says their ultimate goal is to have industrial hemp removed from the controlled substances act, and to grant permission to farmers across the U.S. to grow hemp.

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Uses of Hemp – Montego Bay minister rallies for alternative construction materials

A Minister in Montego Bay is encouraging the construction industry to take a look at the Uses of Hemp as an option for building materials.

In St. James, Montego Bay, Minister without portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Dr. Horace Chang, is asking those involved in the construction industry to consider other technologies besides the conventional use of concrete and steel that builders have become so accustomed to using.

Uses of Hemp

Dr. Chang says there is too much dependence on the traditional heavy materials, such as the desire for thick blocks and slabs of steel. He is encouraging the use of alternative materials that are less harmful to the environment but still retain the ability produce aesthetically pleasing construction.

The minister was a speaker at the recent opening of the inaugural Build Expo and Conference, scheduled to take place at the Montego Bay Convention Centre from June 9-11.

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