Uses of Hemp – Texas hemp advocates push for statewide legalisation

Outdated federal laws are hindering the development of an industry that offers thousands of Uses of Hemp, but hemp supporters are trying to change that.

Uses of Hemp

This week, at the Texas House Agriculture and Livestock Committee, a group of hemp supporters spoke up about the economic and employment benefits that the state could relish in, if only hemp was a legal crop to grow in the state.

Hemp is not marijuana. Both plants are species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, but hemp contains mere traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical component that gives the marijuana high.

Hemp is unique in that it can be used to make thousands of valuable products, many of which can be found on store shelves in Texas, and all across the U.S.

Despite its legal presence on store shelves, hemp is also present on the federal list of illegal substances, along with its controversial cousin.

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Uses of Hemp – Scientists investigate hemp’s potential to save our toxic soil

There are thousands of Uses of Hemp and now scientists are researching one that could help rid our planet of contaminated soil.

Uses of Hemp

In 2017, plant biologist Gavin Storehouse began researching hemp’s ability to detoxify soil. He started growing hemp in soil containing various amounts of selenium, to test whether the plants could combat this toxic soil ingredient, and how much the plant could tolerate.

Stonehouse has reported that the results have been favourable. Hemp can tolerate high levels of selenium, suggesting that the plant can diffuse other soil toxins as well.

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Uses of Hemp – Jamaican government backing motor company’s goal of growing hemp

In St James, Jamaica, the Uses of Hemp received much support from the Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Audley Shaw. Shaw announced that the government is actively pursuing a means to support a motor vehicle company’s aspiration to grow their own industrial hemp.

Shaw recently made a trip to Canada to investigate the business opportunities of industrial hemp.

Uses of Hemp

A significant motor vehicle company wants to cultivate industrial hemp in Jamaica, for the purpose of developing new fabrics and materials for car interiors.

Shaw recognises the importance of getting Jamaica onboard with the global cannabis movement, which is a potential billion dollar industry.

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Uses of Hemp – Tennessee hemp farmers advocate the benefits of hemp

A hemp farm in Jonesborough, Tennessee, gives praises to the benefits and Uses of Hemp.

The East Tennessee Hemp Company, owned by David and Tara Cooper, is one of 25 licensed hemp growers in Northeast Tennessee. They started growing a few years ago, under the federal Farm Bill, which allows hemp cultivation for research purposes.

The success of hemp farming in the state has lead the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to want to broaden the industry.

Uses of Hemp

The Cooper’s are delighted with the success of their farm. David remarked on how there are over 25,000 uses of hemp, from clothing and rope, to food and oils. They’re invested in producing medicinal oils for stress and pain relief.

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Uses of Hemp – U.S. federal restrictions hinder hemp revival

Scott Sparks, owner of a new hemp business in Vermont talks about the many Uses of Hemp and the challenges of working in the hemp industry in the U.S.

Sparks experienced several difficulties when starting his hemp-based shop in Brattleboro, Vermont, from finding a shop location to obtaining insurance.  There is still a lot of impediment in the hemp industry, due to the plants close resemblance to marijuana.

Uses of Hemp

Field of Hemp

Although hemp is growing in popularity throughout the U.S., there are still strict regulations at the federal level. The 2014 farm bill has permitted pilot programs for research purposes, but the federal laws continue to impede the hemp industry revival.

However, Kentucky Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s motion to remove all federal restrictions, could give the hemp industry the green light many have been waiting for.

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Uses of Hemp – Growing hemp could save arid areas threatened by desertification

When we think of the Uses of Hemp, we usually think about clothing, textiles, paper, and building materials, but there’s one invaluable task that hemp can be used for – saving forests.

Kenya suffers from rampant deforestation, due to its logging industry and unabated climate change. As a result, Kenya has been experiencing numerous environmental catastrophes, such as landslides and drought.

To remedy this environmental crisis, the long-term solution is to plant trees, but it takes at least a decade for the benefits of reforestation to be felt. So what can be done in the interim?

The answer is simple. Plant hemp. Hemp is a strain of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, but it doesn’t contain enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), to give the psychoactive effect like its cousin, marijuana.

Uses of Hemp

Hemp has thousands of other uses, and it’s easy and fast to grow. It takes only 5-7 months for a hemp crop to be ready for harvest. It doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides and it can grow anywhere.

Most importantly for Kenya, it can be used as firewood, and is actually more usable than wood.

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Uses of Hemp – Hawaii leaders are hindering a potentially thriving hemp industry

Hawaii could be cashing in on the various Uses of Hemp but those in political power are stalling the process.

Back in 2016, lawmakers made industrial hemp farming legal in the state, and last year a bill to reduce regulations for hemp was passed in the state legislature. But authorities are hindering progress and it’s hurting the farmers.

Uses of Hemp

While Hawaii leaders are held back by their trepidations, farmers are missing out on this newfound crop that can help salvage losses from the diminishing sugarcane industry.

Rather than reaping the benefits of this diverse crop with its many uses, Hawaii leaders are leaving it to the other states to embrace the golden opportunities that industrial hemp has to offer.

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Uses of Hemp – Missouri Senators making progress with industrial hemp bill

Missouri Senators, recognising the many Uses of Hemp and the value it can bring to the state, have taken steps forward to legalising the plant.

Uses of Hemp

The bill would establish a hemp pilot program for the purpose of researching the growing, processing and selling of industrial hemp. Farmers would work together with the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

The senators who are backing the bill, trust that it could greatly benefit the state’s economy. With the many use of hemp, such as lotions, oils, and clothes, there is a lot of industry potential.

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Uses of Hemp – Alaska lawmakers vote unanimously in favour of hemp

Alaska is the latest U.S. state to recognise the many Uses of Hemp and the economic potential of this wonder crop.

Uses of Hemp

In Fairbanks this week, the Alaska House of Representatives passed a bill to allow industrial hemp farming in the state.

Rep. Harriet Drummond stated that the many uses of hemp, from textiles and nutritional products, to paper and construction materials, can greatly benefit Alaska’s agriculture.

Senate Bill 6 also removes hemp from the list of controlled substances. Hemp is now classified as an agricultural product.

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Uses of Hemp – Pennsylvania responds to the promise and potential of industrial hemp with increased growing permits for 2018

From automotive parts to nutritional supplements, the Uses of Hemp are simply endless, and Pennsylvania is opening doors to allow their hemp industry to grow.

The Department of Agriculture announced that Pennsylvania will broaden the hemp program to allow almost 1,000 acres of hemp to be grown, compared to the 36 acres of 2017.

Uses of Hemp

Last year, the state allowed 14 industrial hemp research permits, but this year that number has already grown to 39.

The results of the hemp pilot programs have been successful thus far, and state Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding appreciates the fact that the original growers will continue their work this year.   

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