Uses of Hemp – Hempcrete is the eco-friendly answer and it’s growing in popularity in Australia

One of the greatest Uses of Hemp is hempcrete, a sustainable building material that is growing in popularity in Australia.

Hemp in the News

Tasmanian builder Andrias McMahon has fifteen years experience building with natural materials. His portfolio includes homes built with hempcrete.

McMahon says building with hempcrete is not so different from traditional construction techniques. It’s the curing that takes the time. Initially, hempcrete takes a minimum of six weeks to cure, but in total, it takes about fifty years for the curing to be complete.

In Australia, the number of homes being built with hempcrete is growing, as people seek eco-friendly options that leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

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Uses of Hemp – Whole plant harvest opens new doors for industrial hemp

Canada Health’s approval of whole plant harvest opens doors for even more Uses of Hemp. Parts of hemp have been legal to grow in Canada for over 20 years. However, it was only last year that Canada Health legalized the harvest of hemp flowers and leaves as well as its stalks and seeds.

Uses of Hemp

This is good news for prairie farmers who are looking to diversify and rotate their crops. Hemp can also help with financial security.

Hemp can be grown for the production of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, nutritional food products, fibre and animal feed, to name just a few. There are actually thousands of uses of hemp. Now that the whole plant can be harvested, the future of hemp is on the rise.

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Uses of Hemp – Eco-friendly housing new to the industry

The many Uses of Hemp now includes an eco-friendly building material. A house built with hemp, is self-insulating, fire-resistant and insect proof. It is also comparable in price to customary concrete building materials.

Uses of Hemp

“Hempcrete,” is the new wonder product, made from a blend of hemp fibre and a lime-based binder. Though biologically related to marijuana, industrial hemp is a different strain that lacks the psychoactive effects of its cousin. Instead, it is used for its industrial purposes, and for its nutritional and medicinal properties.

With recent cannabis legalization in Canada and the U.S., the uses and benefits of hemp are being explored.

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Uses of Hemp – Hemp-based wood products are taking root

The most popular use for hemp these days is CBD, but interest is growing in one of the most important Uses of Hemp, producing wood substitutes.

Uses of Hemp

While CBD shops seem to popping up everywhere, there is a new hemp industry brewing that can help replace tree felling. In Murray, Kentucky, the first factory to produce a hemp-based wood substitute has just opened.

Inspired by his time at a bamboo factory, Greg Wilson has found a way to produce several products from hemp. Most importantly, he has discovered a way to convert hemp fibres into a wood replacement.

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Uses of Hemp – Sustainable alternatives for hardwoods and bioplastics

Medicinal CBD oil is one of the most well known Uses of Hemp these days, but let’s not overlook hemp’s uses for sustainability.

Uses of Hemp

In the U.S., the majority of hemp farmers are growing hemp for its cannabidiol (CBD) content, but other uses are taking root. Hemp Inc. in Spring Hope, N.C., is just one example of a company that’s producing hardwood and bioplastics out of hemp.

Hemp can be used to produce thousands of different products, but with all the hype surrounding CBD, the potential of hemp has been under-utilized. Perhaps this is about to change.

HempWood, a Kentucky-based company, began the production of making wood alternatives out of hemp. The pressed boards are more solid than oak, and hemp fibres can be grown in six months rather than two hundred years.

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Uses of Hemp – Looking to ancient times for modern construction alternatives

When better to celebrate the Uses of Hemp than during Climate Week 2019, (Sept 20-27, 2019.) Hemp can be used as an eco-friendly building material, limiting greenhouse gases and reducing pollution that is causing climate change worldwide.

Uses of Hemp

Mac Radford founded his hemp business six years ago. Located just outside Calgary in Airdrie, Alberta, JustBioFiber Structural Solutions is keeping busy producing building materials that satisfy environmentally-friendly construction practices. His company is one of the industry leaders in using hemp to combat global warming.

Hemp has been used as a building material since ancient times. In search of greener, sustainable alternatives to cement, builders worldwide are revisiting the use of this eco-friendly construction material.

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Uses of Hemp – World’s 1st hemp plane takes flight

A Canadian cannabis company has found some new Uses of Hemp. Their latest product is a world’s first.

Uses of Hemp

Hempearth Group has created a plane built entirely of hemp. Not only is it constructed of hemp, but it will also be fuelled by hemp bio fuel. The interior showcases many variations on the uses of hemp, from seats to walls and cushions.

This is the first product of its kind worldwide. Hempearth sees it as the first of many opportunities to explore the versatility of this amazing plant.

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Uses of Hemp – The cash crop comeback hits Nebraska

Historically, sails, ropes and rigging were primary Uses of Hemp. Today, hemp has over 25,000 uses, from textiles and paper to foods and building supplies. Hemp is also a new opportunity for struggling farmers.

Uses of Hemp

In the small town of Pilger, Nebraska, farmers gathered for the third annual Midwest Hemp Forum to hear more about this cash crop that is making a strong comeback.

Cattle markets aren’t what they used to be, and the traditional corn and soybean crops aren’t either. Nebraska lawmakers have legalized hemp-growing, and the Midwest Hemp Forum was there to provide information to farmers about growing hemp.

It’s a big investment to get started, but the versatility of hemp and the ease in which it grows make it a very opportunistic crop.

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Uses of Hemp – Hemp featured in NMSU’s proposal for value-added agriculture centre

The many Uses of Hemp and its ability to combat weeds and pathogens, has given hemp the status of value-added agriculture at the New Mexico State University.

Uses of Hemp

NMSU is developing a Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems and hemp is one of the key components. Industrial hemp can be used to restrain weeds, providing an eco-friendly alternative to pesticides. It can also help to fight soil-borne pathogens and replenish soil.

Industrial hemp could bring economic growth to New Mexico, and the NMSU wants to help make this happen. A hemp research centre is part of the education proposal, but it would require substantial funding.

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Uses of Hemp – Hemp is high class, according to some top hotels

The hospitality industry is joining the trend of finding more Uses of Hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Until recently, hemp textile products were predominantly sold in headshops and bohemian type stores in tourist locations. The textiles were less refined than they are today and lacked style.

Trends and legalization have steered hemp into the limelight. This versatile plant is now becoming mainstream. There’s an awareness of its many uses and of the possibility of being an alternative for numerous materials that are harming the planet.

Now hemp is rising to opulence as many top end retailers and companies look at unique hemp-based lines and products. One of the most fashionable hotels in California is soon to have a cannabis specialty shop.

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