Hemp in the News – Smell of cannabis no longer enough for police search

In Palm Beach County, the ripple effect of federal hemp legalization has made an impact on local law enforcement, putting Hemp in the News once again.

Hemp in the News

What used to be the norm, is no longer permitted. The suspected smell of marijuana is not a sufficient reason for police to search vehicles without a warrant anymore. Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg has informed local law enforcement that marijuana arrests in Florida are going to be much more difficult now.

The message to law enforcement was that the distinction between the two plants, hemp and marijuana, must be determined before prosecutions can proceed.

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Hemp Politics – CBD products get support from hemp industry

A group of Massachusetts hemp farmers has decided to get involved in Hemp Politics by supporting a new bill for CBD products.

Hemp Politics

Recent political developments have brought the legal issue of CBD products to the fore. The State Department of Resources has stated guidelines that basically outlaws the sale of food products that include CBD.

The bill, introduced by former Marijuana Policy Committee chairman Rep. Mark Cusack, will effectively legalize these goods and relieve the confusion.

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Hemp in the News – Will hemp replace Florida’s orange groves?

The dwindling production of Florida’s orange groves has Hemp in the News this week. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is encouraging growers to make the switch from oranges to hemp.

The orange groves in Florida have taken a turn for the worst, threatened by harsh weather conditions and disease. The once thriving trees that were lush and green and loaded with fruit, are now struggling to survive.

Although orange growers may be discouraged, Fried has a solution: replace the orange groves with hemp!

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Hemp in the News – Minnesota welcomes a modern day gold rush

Minnesota farmers are putting Hemp in the News this spring, with a new crop that marks a new era.

Hemp History

With the legalization of hemp in 2018, more than 500 Minnesota farmers have dashed into the new industry. With many attending Hemp 101 classes, expectations and hopes are high for this amazing ”new” crop.

The climate and conditions in Minnesota are very conducive to hemp cultivation and some farmers are expecting outputted per acre to reach over $25,000. With federal restrictions lifted, excellent growing conditions and a hungry hemp market, it is just as Zach Robins of the Minnesota Hemp Association said, “…a very exciting time.”

It has been a long time coming, with hemp supporters waiting more than 80 years for the decriminalization of hemp. Now that the floodgates are open, it’s a modern day gold rush!

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Hemp Politics – U.S. hemp legalization leads to employment growth

U.S. Hemp Politics took a big step forward with the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. Now, farmers can grow the industrious crop once again.

Hemp Politics

Though biologically related to marijuana, industrial hemp is a different strain that lacks the psychoactive effects of its cousin. Hemp is a versatile, multi-purpose plant that can used to make thousands of different products, from textiles and paper to building materials and biofuels.

Hemp legalization also holds much promise for employment growth. The revival of this agricultural commodity is expected to bring thousands of new jobs to several industries.

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Hemp in the News – Success with hemp testing in South Australia

Successful cultivation trials in South Australia have Hemp in the News this week.

Hemp in the News

Testing has proven that many varieties are adaptable to the climate in South Australia. Research has shown the advantages and possibilities of high dense growth in the state. For example, growing plants closer together means less maintenance is needed with weed control.

Additional hemp trials are being conducted in the Coonawarra and Riverland districts. Many are looking forward to further success in these results.

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Hemp in the News – Virginia looks to replace tobacco with hemp

In Jarratt, Virginia, hemp farmers and processors of the crop are putting Hemp in the News. They predict that industrial hemp will be a flourishing replacement to the dwindling tobacco industry.

Hemp in the News

2018 federal law changes have made hemp a legal agricultural commodity. Virginia’s legislature has followed suit, providing new opportunities for farmers to grow hemp for medicinal purposes.

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a chemical compound extracted from the hemp plant, used as treatment for many health issues. CBD products are becoming more common all the time and experts foresee immense economic growth for the industry.

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Hemp Politics – Florida legislators see hemp as crop of the future

Hemp Politics have taken the driver’s seat in Florida, with the passing of a new bill that encourages hemp production.

Hemp Politics

With advocates spurring politicians on to make hemp a legal crop in the state, the bill HB 333 was passed. The new bill sets in motion, the legal structure for hemp to become the next cash crop in Florida.

The bill, passed on Thursday, will bring employment growth and new business with the growing, processing and marketing of the crop.

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Hemp in the News – Hemp offers hope to country towns in Texas

A small town in Texas put Hemp in the News this week, as an example of how hemp can add value to local economies.

Hemp in the News

Lawmakers in Texas are looking seriously at legalising hemp production in the state. Farmers, agricultural proponents and even some cautious Republicans are jumping on the band wagon.

An example of the problems being faced, is the small town of Haskell in central Texas. Lack of population growth and low income are problems common to these rural areas.

Hemp could provide economic opportunities for farmers and communities alike.

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Hemp in the News – Hemp is hope for Wisconsin farmers

The legalization of hemp in Wisconsin has Hemp in the News this week. It’s a sign of hope for farmers and for those in need of its medicinal qualities.

Hemp in the News

Farmers in the state have been struggling economically for the past several years. The recent legalization of this versatile crop brings a promising change and hope for the future.

Madison, Wisconsin’s first hemp expo took place on Sunday. Lawmakers, shopkeepers, and consumers gathered to inform and promote the hemp industry.

Last year there were over 200 farmers interested in hemp farming and this year that number has exploded by 600 percent.

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