Hemp as Medicine – Hemp conference draws advocates of the crop’s many uses

In Tahlequah, Oklahoma, a group of advocates gathered to discuss Hemp as Medicine, its ability to detoxify soil, and its many other uses.  About 100 hundred participants from across the U.S. attended the Native Health Matters event, on November 9th.

Hemp as Medicine

Native Health Matters is a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainability for health, education, agricultural and financial independence for Native American communities, minorities and people young and old.

NHM President J.R. Claphan has experienced the medicinal benefits of hemp first hand. Following four knee surgeries, Claphan suffered from severe pain. He was on prescription opiates until he discovered the healing properties of CBD. He is now an ardent advocate for hemp as medicine.

Another topic discussed at the conference was the use of hemp to detoxify soil. Hemp has the ability to absorb pollutants and replenish contaminated land.

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Hemp Nutrition – How hemp seeds got their superfood status

To learn how to fuel your body with Hemp Nutrition, nutritionist Ammi Midstokke explains the benefits of hemp seeds.

Hemp Nutrition

Often referred to as hemp seed hearts, seeds of the hemp plant are loaded with protein, Vitamin E, zinc and phytonutrients. They are also a balanced source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, which are important for brain development, immune system function and blood pressure regulation.

There are many ways to add hemp seed hearts to your diet. You can sprinkle them on your salads or breakfast cereals, or add them to your favourite smoothie. Using them in baking is another way to gain the health benefits of this superfood.

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Hemp as Medicine – Nevada farmers trade alfalfa for hemp

The discovery of Hemp as Medicine and the recent legalization in the U.S. has many farmers turning to this new cash crop.

Hemp as Medicine

Harris Farms, in Pahrump, Nevada, traded alfalfa for hemp three years ago, and now they’re cashing in on the new trend of medicinal hemp.

For years, alfalfa was their staple crop but it was somewhat challenging to grow. They began growing hemp in 2017 and haven’t looked back. Hemp has proven to be fruitful and much easier to grow. By the end of this year, their initial ten acres will have bloomed into sixty-five acres. Hemp has a quick growth turnaround of only 120 days.

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Hemp Nutrition – High on health with hemp

Hemp can’t get you high but Hemp Nutrition can get you healthy. Being loaded with protein, vitamins and essential nutrients, hemp is an important superfood.

Hemp Nutrition

There’s a lot of hype these days about hemp, it’s relation to marijuana and CBD, but hemp as food is being overlooked.

Second only to flax, hemp is one of the best sources of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. These are important for brain development, immune system function and blood pressure regulation. As American diets are generally higher in Omega-6’s than Omega-3’s, it’s important to note that hemp offers a balance of the two. It also contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid).

Hemp Seed Hearts (hulled hemp seeds) are about 31 percent digestible pure protein, rich in vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. American diets often lack magnesium, which helps regulate blood sugar, nerve function and heart rhythm.

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Hemp Nutrition – Perfect protein for vegan diets

If you’re looking for protein but you don’t want dairy in your diet, Hemp Nutrition is the way to go. Hemp is the perfect protein alternative to yogurt, cottage cheese, or whey protein.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp is not only high in protein, it’s also high in vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and other nutrients. Hemp seed hearts contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are important for brain development, immune system function and blood pressure regulation.

Even if you already have a favourite smoothie, (mine’s blueberry banana with hemp protein and peanut butter and I’m drinking one as I write), why not try something new? There are so many smoothie recipes to choose from, but you can simply click here to discover 17 new ones that are easy to make and sure to please!

Hemp as Medicine – CBD craze gives industry boost

Although hemp is known for its many uses, from building materials to clothing, it’s Hemp Medicine that is giving the industry a leg up these days.

Hemp as Medicine

CBD-infused products have become wildly popular all across the U.S. Products such as lotions, tinctures and bath bombs can be found in supermarkets and gas stations. People are seeking the pain relief and anxiety suppressant benefits that CBD is renowned for.

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis sativa plants and contain Cannabidiol (CBD). But hemp contains no more than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the element that gives the marijuana high.

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Hemp Nutrition – Student unlocking the potential of hemp in Australian agriculture

Hemp Nutrition and its use in soil management has caught the interest of University of Melbourne student Michael Halverson. He sees hemp’s potential in sustainable farming and wants to make cannabis research his main focus next year.

Hemp Nutrition

Halverson hopes his research will help dissolve the misconception of hemp so that its value can be fully utilized in Australian agriculture.

He has a keen interest in the nutritional benefits of hemp. Hemp is high in protein and is also a balanced source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Halverson is hoping to help farmers realize the potential of hemp in their crop rotation.

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Hemp Health Benefits – Making better use of hemp

Canadians could be getting much more out of Hemp Health Benefits if the government improved the efficiency of growing regulations.

Hemp Health Benefits

Ted Haney, executive director for the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance, says the legalization of marijuana last year has given hemp growers a boost, but regulations remain challenging.

According to Haney, obtaining a growing license from Health Canada is inefficient and arduous. Farmers need to work together and get assistance from organizations just to be able to begin.

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Hemp as Medicine – CBD popularity means exponential growth in this new industry

The use of Hemp as Medicine is growing in popularity, and in the U.S. it is forecast to become one of the leading markets in the next few years.

Hemp as Medicine

The 2018 Farm Bill has paved the way for progress in the hemp industry. With hemp legalization, many financial investors are looking at hemp-based CBD as their next major money maker.

The CBD industry is expected to see exponential growth over the next four years. It has been nicknamed “the next gold rush.”

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Hemp Nutrition – The benefits are plentiful, especially the nutritional ones

Hemp Nutrition is the reason that hemp seeds and hemp-based foods are included in the nutritional category of superfoods.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp is one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet, dating back 10,000 years. It’s hardly surprising its been part of human life for so long, when you begin to realize its many uses, from clothing to paper and building materials.

Possibly the most beneficial use of the hemp plant is for its nutritional benefits. Hemp seeds are simply loaded with nutrients, fibre and antioxidants. To learn more about how adding hemp to your diet can boost your health, read on.

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