Hemp Health Benefits – Is this the new super food of the future?

With the new laws now in effect in Australia, a lot of new research is going into hemp seeds and hemp hearts to see exactly what the Hemp Health Benefits are.

Hemps seeds are very similar to a small nut with a centre of goodness known as the heart. These seeds have been found to contain large quantities of natural oils that the body is much in need of.

Hemp Health Benefits

The oils are polyunsaturated with omega 6 and omega 3 being the most prevalent. Hemp is also found to be one of the highest plant-based proteins.

Interest continues to grow in New Zealand and Australia to see where this “new found” food source will take us.

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Hemp Nutrition – The health benefits of hemp are well worth celebrating

Australians are celebrating the fact that they can enjoy the benefits of Hemp Nutrition, now that hemp foods are finally legal for human consumption in their country. November 12th marked the first day that hemp seed is legal to grow in Australia, opening up a world of opportunity.

Hemp seeds contain heaps of nutrients, making them an exceptionally healthy food. They contain the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9, the essential fatty acids, as well as several vitamins and minerals. They’re also an excellent source of protein, making them an ideal food supplement for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Hemp seeds have a smooth texture and a delicious nutty flavour, so people with nut allergies can replace nuts with hemp seeds.

Hemp Nutrition

Because of their highly nutritional nature, hemp seeds are a popular addition to granola bars, salad dressings, breads, flour, and so many other food products. These nutritional gems are perfect for every meal, blended into smoothies, or sprinkled over salads, soups, or your favourite breakfast cereal.

The legalisation of hemp farming will provide farmers with a new crop that will give them a stable financial future. The new hemp industry will also create jobs in many other areas, such as production, processing, marketing and design.

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Hemp Health Benefits – Scientists say hemp can provide all the nutrients you need

With scientists deeming hemp “the world’s most nutritionally complete food source,” it’s no wonder Hemp Health Benefits are gaining attention worldwide.

Hemp Health Benefits

About 30 years ago, while traveling through Asia, Paul Benhaim, (now considered a world hemp expert), found it curious how happy and healthy the indigenous people were, despite their primitive living conditions. He took a closer look, and discovered that their diet contained essential fatty acids, compared to the western diet of predominantly processed foods. He began researching essential fats (EFAs), and discovered that hemp seeds are the perfect source of EFAs.

In addition to being an excellent source of EFAs, hemp seeds are high in protein and nutrients, such as vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc.

On November 12th, hemp for human consumption will be legal in Australia, and the many businesses and entrepreneurs are ready to launch their hemp food products.

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Hemp Nutrition – It’s finally happening in Australia, hemp to be legalised as a food

The Australian government is about to follow many countries worldwide, by realising that there is a great deal of positives in Hemp Nutrition, and on November 12th will pass legislation making it legal to sell hemp as a food product.

The benefits to the possible products to be sold from the plant are numerous, including the Omega 3 content aiding in functions of the brain, along with growth and development.

Hemp Nutrition

Other benefits are that hemp is such an environmentally friendly plant needing no herbicides or pesticides and is extremely drought-resistant, a big plus in countries like Australia.

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Hemp Nutrition – Renowned chef Aine McAteer reveals her love of hemp

Aine McAteer is a big fan of Hemp Nutrition and she strives to include hemp foods in her daily cooking, for the likes of such Hollywood stars as Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Robert Redford.

McAteer is keen to use foods that offer nutritional benefits as well as flavour, and hemp fits this description to a T. Hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and hemp oil are becoming mainstream products on supermarket shelves these days, and although hemp is a member of the Cannabis Sativa family, it doesn’t have the psychoactive qualities of its cousin, marijuana.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp seeds, deemed a superfood by many, are full of nutrients. They are high in protein, and contain many minerals such as zinc, iron and calcium. They are also an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids which are key factors for good health.

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Hemp Nutrition – Hemp could soon become Australia’s next superfood

Come November, Australian’s will finally be able to enjoy food products that contain the benefits of Hemp Nutrition – legally.

The contentious hemp seed is often falsely implicated as having the same qualities as its close cousin, marijuana. Hemp, however, is a different strain of cannabis, and contains little to no measurable amounts of THC, the psychoactive ingredient known to cause apathy and food cravings.

Hemp awareness is on the rise, and the healthy seed’s nutritional and medicinal benefits are becoming more familiar to consumers.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Seed Hearts

On November 12th, hemp for human consumption will officially be legalised in Australia, following the Food Standards Australia New Zealand ruling earlier this year.

Hemp seeds are a rich source of fibre and protein, and they are also a balanced source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

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Hemp Nutrition – For health’s sake, NC hemp activists call for law reform

A cannabis activist group in North Carolina is raising awareness about Hemp Nutrition and pushing for the state to ease up on regulations for hemp growing and production.

Sharon Wright, a marketing and branding consultant in Charlotte, lives with an autoimmune illness and found that conventional medicine could do little to help, but in her search for alternatives she discovered that consuming hemp seeds helped a lot. The seeds contain the anti-inflammatory component, amino acid arginine. The seeds, which are legal in North Carolina, are also a good source of several nutrients, including vitamins E and B, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Hemp Nutrition

Although the seeds are legal in North Carolina, growing them in the state is not, but there is a growing number of people who want to see a change in the cannabis laws to make hemp cultivation and production possible. A small group of black North Carolinians are part of a cannabis-awareness movement that aims to educate the public on the health benefits of both hemp and marijuana, and to change the stigma that cannabis is only good for smoking and getting high.

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Hemp Nutrition – Kiwi chef raises hemp awareness by serving hemp-based dishes

Smoke marijuana and you’ll get high, eat hemp and you’ll get nothing but heaps of Hemp Nutrition.

Hemp Nutrition

New Zealand chef, Cameron Sims, wants to end the stigma about hemp, and educate Kiwis on its nutritional value. In fact, he’d like to see hemp seeds as a key protein source amongst Kiwis. A pop-up restaurant will open this week that will give Sims the opportunity to serve up some hemp awareness.

Hemp, like marijuana, is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant, but the THC levels for hemp are around 0.3 percent, while marijuana THC levels are an average 10 percent. So you could smoke a whole field of hemp, but you still wouldn’t get high.

The pop-up restaurant will be serving a variety of dishes that contain hemp seed oil. So far hemp seeds are still illegal for human consumption in New Zealand, but the laws are changing. In April, the Food Safety Minister David Bennett, announced that hemp seeds would be legalised within 18 months. Sims’ goal is to prepare New Zealanders for the new product before it hits the shelves.

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Hemp as Medicine – New research shows that bees can collect cannabidiol from industrial hemp plants

Nick French, owner of Colorado Hemp Honey, uses Hemp as Medicine combined with the healing properties of honey and essential oils, to make his limited batches of hemp honey.

French has been researching new and innovative ways to advance both the beekeeping and industrial hemp industries. Hemp extracts can be used as alternative treatment for pain relief and anxiety, but the process of extraction is lengthy and complex. This led French to wonder if there is a simpler, more natural way to obtain the healing properties, (cannabinoids), from hemp.

First, he wanted to find out if bees would naturally extract the cannabinoids (CBD) from industrial hemp, and integrate them into their honey production. This research project concluded that hemp doesn’t have the nectar needed by the bees.

However, the research project led to the amazing discovery that bees can be spurred to collect the healing hemp resins, which they then store in their hives and use to make propolis (bee glue).

Hemp as Medicine

In conclusion, bees can extract the cannabinoids from hemp much more efficiently and economically than our mechanical alternatives.

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Hemp Nutrition-The benefits of Hemp Nutrition are becoming more popular worldwide

New product development, (NPD), ideas and techniques are making Hemp Nutrition one of the fastest growing food industries around.

With a growth rate of over 40% over the last five years, more and more people are realising the health benefits of all hemp products, from oils to powders and everything in between. As the advantages of hemps’ natural source of many vitamins and minerals becomes more widely known, it is becoming a daily part of more and more peoples’ diet and health regimes.

Hemp Nutrition

For those who are unaware, hemp is one of the best forms of delivery for omega 3 and 6, which is known to be a great reliever of arthritis inflammation and stiffness. Supplying vitamin E, it also contains the minerals iron, zinc, potassium, sulfur and many others. Hemp can help with digestion and heart function, and has become a widespread remedy for many other ailments.

Cereals, sports bars, and energy foods are the most common uses in the new upsurge of hemp popularity.

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