Hemp Nutrition – NZ and AU restaurant industry prepare for the tasty benefits of hemp

Hemp Nutrition has a bright future in New Zealand and Australia, now that the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has approved hemp for human consumption. Hemp food products will be available by November this year.

Hemp Nutrition

Several renowned chefs are getting ready to launch menu items that include the nutritious seed, in all its forms. Although it is still a few months before the new law comes into effect, hemp is being cultivated across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. In the meantime, chefs can learn from other countries where hemp foods have been legal and flourishing for some time.

There are many benefits to hemp, and nutrition is one of them. Nicknamed one of the mighty superfoods, hemp is a healthy, fatty seed with a nutty flavour and creamy texture. Hemp seeds can be made into many different food products, such as oil, which is wonderful on salads or soups, or ground up to make hemp protein powder, which can be used in sauces, reductions, or baking. The seeds can also be ground and combined with water to produce hemp milk or cream. The seeds in their raw, hulled form, are tasty and nutritious when sprinkled on top of salads, cereals, and desserts.

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Hemp as Medicine – A miraculous tale of how a fatally-ill dog was saved by cannabis oil

Hemp as Medicine should not be reserved for humans – pets can also benefit from the medicinal oil derived from the cannabis plant.

Hemp as Medicine

Last fall, the loving owners of Muttley, a 12 year-old American staffordshire terrier cross, received the sad news that he wasn’t going to survive the cancer he’d been diagnosed with earlier in the year. After several doses of chemo and surgeries, Muttley was still far from the road to recovery.

Muttley became apathetic and sluggish, sleeping ninety percent of the day, and lost all interest in outdoor activities. He became very ill and lost ten kilos.

Realising nothing more could be done, owners Tim and Tina began preparing for the loss of their beloved pet. At this time, their vet suggested treating Muttley with medicinal cannabis oil to help ease the pain and discomfort. Although doubtful that it would help, they decided it was worth a try, and started giving him a low-dose medicinal hemp oil. The change in Muttley was miraculous.

He gained back the weight he’d lost, was no longer in pain, and returned to his energetic self… with a boosted appetite!

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Hemp as Medicine – The FDA is cracking down on CBD producers and retailers

The hemp industry in North Dakota is thriving, but legalities are making it difficult for those wanting to cash in on Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the hemp plants’ most promising components. It is non-psychoactive, and is an invaluable treatment for people who suffer from severe seizures and anxiety.

The trouble is, CBD is classified as a Schedule I substance under the laws of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and CBD products have been confiscated from retailers in Bismarck and Watford City, as well as in Kentucky, Alaska, and Texas. Some shopkeepers have even had federal charges against them.

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Hemp Nutrition – Raising hemp awareness on the Anchorage restaurant scene

Alaska has legalised marijuana, but it has yet to recognise Hemp Nutrition and have marijuana’s cousin, industrial hemp, legalised.

Having seen the ridiculousness of this injustice to hemp, Karen Landry, a server at Jens Restaurant in Anchorage, has taken action to educate the public. With National Hemp History Week starting on Monday, June 5th, her timing is perfect.

Landry started with her boss, Nancy Alib, who has owned Jens Restaurant for almost two years. Alib created two dishes featuring hemp seed hearts – a salad and a fish dish.

Hemp Nutrition

Up until two weeks ago when Landry introduced her to hemp seeds, Alib wasn’t aware they even existed. She was immediately dazzled by the nutritious qualities of the seed, noting that they’re high in protein, fibre and have a wonderful nutty flavour. She thought an almond-crusted fish would lend itself naturally to the addition of hemp seed hearts.

At least three other restaurants have joined the cause, thanks to Landry’s efforts to raise awareness about the economic, industrial, and health benefits of hemp.

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Hemp Nutrition – Hemp oil is all natural and has a long list of health benefits

Hemp oil, produced by pressing hemp seeds, is a prime product for obtaining Hemp Nutrition. It has a natural content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, omegas, proteins, and fibre. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin E, and it contains a long list of minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, and phosphorus.

Hemp Nutrition

The essential fatty acids in hemp oil can help boost your immune system, promote a healthy heart, and help regenerate your skin. It can help regulate hormonal balance, lower bad cholesterol levels, and even help with mental health.

Hemp oil, in its cold pressed, unrefined form, is dark green and has a tasty nutty flavour. It can be added to smoothies or poured over salads as a dressing.

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Hemp Health Benefits – Everything you need to know about CBD oil

The Hemp Health Benefits of CBD oil are exceptional. The oil is an extract from the the marijuana plant, which contains high levels of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a compound that can be used as treatment for illnesses such as cancer, depression, and epilepsy.

Hemp Health Benefits

However, marijuana remains on the DEA’s list of Schedule I controlled substances, so CBD oil is technically illegal. Cannabis oil is available online from a number of credible companies. Cannabidiol is a natural source of medicine with potent healing benefits, so being aware of its legalities and availability can assist you in understanding how to acquire its health benefits for yourself.

CBD oil is made from cannabidiol, a phytocompound extracted from the Cannabis plant. It does not have the psychoactive qualities that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) provides. Therefore, it does not get a person high.

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Hemp as Medicine – Young cannabis oil user will tell his story at Sydney hemp expo

This weekend at Sydney, Australia’s hemp expo, Ben Oakley of Towradgi will speak about his experience of Hemp as Medicine, and how it has benefited his life. Oakley has been using a cannabis oil treatment for his life-threatening condition.

Hemp as Medicine

The treatment has been given to him, free of charge, by Jenny Hallam of Adelaide, and she will also be one of the speakers at the Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo and Symposium at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney.

Ben and his father are dedicated to supporting Hallam in the legal case against her, for the possession and manufacturing of what is still considered to be a controlled drug.

So far, Oakley has had no choice but to obtain the cannabis oil illegally. Twenty-year old Oakley uses the oil to help with the chronic pain effect caused by his condition, stiff person syndrome.

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Hemp Nutrition – Hemp gets honourable mention in health trends of 2017

The trend of superfoods and low fat food options are out, while Hemp Nutrition holds fast in the wellness trends of 2017.

In the past year people have gotten hooked on an array of health and wellness trends, some of which are just straight up strange. It’s time to say goodbye to kale shakes, acro yoga and lattes served in avocados.

Australian holistic nutritionist and wellness guru, Lee Holmes, shared her thoughts on the health trends that we should continue looking at in 2017, and what should’ve been left behind in 2016.

According to Ms Holmes, now that we’re already half way through the year it’s high time for a report on the health do’s and don’ts for 2017. First on her list is hemp.

Hemp Nutrition

Holmes says hemp is “one of the hottest trends of 2017.” Hemp is heaped with nutrients, and has the perfect balance of proteins, essential fats, and vitamins.

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Hemp as Medicine – Thanks to CBD a little girl celebrates her 4th birthday

A species of the cannabis plant proves, yet again, that there is immense value in Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

On May 20th, the family of a little girl in Ramona, California, celebrated a miracle – the little girl turned four. Sadie Higuera was born with Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome, a very rare hereditary disorder. Her life expectancy was not more than two years.

Sadie started attending a special needs preschool in Ramona Elementary last year, and her parents, Brian and Damaris Higuera, are pleased to report that she is doing really well. She has become more observant and responsive, especially to music.

Sadie’s parents give credit to medicinal cannabis for her health progress. Conventional medicine prescribed by doctors would often cause setbacks and worsen her condition. But then they tried cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD). Her tumours disappeared and the severe seizures stopped.

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Hemp Health Benefits – Will CBD hemp oil pass through the Missouri Senate?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the many Hemp Health Benefits, and Valerie Naureth is willing to acquire it illegally if she has to. She needs it for her four year old son, Arik, but for Naureth to obtain the hemp extract she needs to drive from her home, near Columbia, Missouri, to Colorado. The problem is, bringing it home to Missouri would be illegal. Her son Arik suffers from severe epileptic seizures, and CBD oil can help.

Hemp Health Benefits

Access to CBD in the state of Missouri could be determined in the next few weeks, as a measure is currently being reviewed in the House of Representatives.

House Bill 1007, sponsored by Representative Jean Evans, would increase parents’ access to the extract, add more ways for it to be used as a medical treatment, and allow higher THC levels to boost its potency. CBD hemp oil can be added to the diet to help with a number of medical conditions such as Crohn’s disease, gastric ulcers, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, to name a few.

The bill might make it through the House of Representatives, but Naureth is not convinced it will survive the scrutiny of the Senate. This is because of state Senator Bob Onder, who is not a supporter of CBD.

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