Hemp Nutrition – Add hemp to your meals for a daily boost of nutrition

Knowledge of Hemp Nutrition and the health benefits of these super little seeds is still a fairly new notion for most people, but it’s high time we take a closer look at these nutritional gems.

Hemp Nutrition

In Australia, hemp has only been legal to eat for just over a year. It was made legal for human consumption in November 2017.

Hemp seeds come from a strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant. They’re tasty little seeds with a nutty flavour and they’re loaded with healthy fats and protein.

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Hemp Nutrition – Parents in Australia still skeptical of hemp as food

In Australia, people are becoming more aware of Hemp Nutrition and its health benefits, but most parents remain skeptical.

Hemp Nutrition

Studies have shown that nearly seventy-five percent of Australian parents still question the safety of hemp products for their children. This is understandable when you consider the fact that hemp comes from the same family as marijuana, cannabis sativa.

It takes time for people to learn the difference between the plants and to realize just how different hemp is from its controversial cousin.

Amelia Phillips, nutritionist and mother of four, was skeptical of hemp at first, but she did some research and discovered that hemp has an incredible amount of health benefits.

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Hemp Nutrition – Let hemp help you through the holidays!

During the holiday season it can be tricky to meet the dietary needs of all your guests, but adding some Hemp Nutrition will benefit everyone.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp Hearts

The plethora of food allergies, choices, and diets, can make hosting a very challenging task, but there are some foods that are sure to please everyone’s palates and preferences.   

One of the best ingredients to work with are Hemp Hearts. They are adaptable little seeds, suitable for keto, vegan, paleo and gluten-free diets. They’re loaded with protein, vitamins and minerals, and they’re also a balanced source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids.

Hemp hearts can be used as a dairy substitute in soups and sauces, and in baked goods in place of nuts.

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Hemp as Medicine – People are finding their own proof of the healing properties of CBD

There may not be a lot of scientific proof for Hemp as Medicine but it’s fast becoming a popular treatment for several ailments.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannibidiol, (CBD), is an extract of the hemp plant. It is known to treat pain, anxiety, inflammation, and many other medical conditions. It is even known to treat cancer.

However, the only FDA-approved use of CBD is for two fare forms of epilepsy. Other than that, there really haven’t been a lot of studies conducted on cannibidiol. But that hasn’t discouraged people from using it, and judging by its widespread use, it’s for good reason.

CBD is becoming more and more common. Several new products have become available, such as body lotions, baked goods, and CBD-infused beverages. This is proof that CBD is a hot commodity and predicted to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Hemp Health Benefits – Farmer takes on challenge of first hemp trials in southeastern Australia

After several years of studying the Hemp Health Benefits of the hemp plant, garlic grower Fred Koch has initiated the first hemp trials in southeastern Australia.

Hemp Health Benefits

Ryan Vardy, who recently took over his father’s dairy farm, has been eager to expand the farm into new areas. Therefore, when Koch approached him about growing hemp, he was happy to get on board.

Koch commented on the misunderstanding that many people have about hemp. It is mistakenly identified as just another marijuana plant. He hopes to dispel the stigma against hemp, which has been caused by misinformation.

Although hemp has been legal to grow in Victoria for a whole year now, it is still a very new industry and most of Australia’s hemp is imported from China and Canada. Koch would like to see Australia join the global market.

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Hemp as Medicine – The advantages of using CBD oil over pharmaceuticals

With chronic pain being one of the most common ailments these days, it’s not surprising that recognition of Hemp as Medicine is becoming more popular. Read on to find out why.

Hemp as Medicine

The majority of people suffering from chronic pain depend on pharmaceutical drugs to reduce the pain, but this type of medication comes with side effects and other disadvantages.

Natural remedies such as CBD oil are alternative treatments that are very beneficial for people suffering with chronic pain and arthritis. One reason is that CBD can be used long term, with no side effects or reliance issues.

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Hemp Nutrition – Hemp makes the list of world’s healthiest foods

When you discover the value of Hemp Nutrition, you won’t be surprised to hear that hemp is considered one of the world’s healthiest foods.

Hemp Nutrition

The story always seems to change about what foods are the healthy choices and which foods we should avoid. But some foods are unquestionably good for you. Hemp is one of these foods.

Hemp is one of the most nutrient dense foods in the world. It’s loaded with nutrients and healthy fats, rich in magnesium, and high in fibre.

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Hemp Health Benefits – NZ legalises hemp for human consumption, but restrictions still intact

New Zealanders have more choices for adding Hemp Health Benefits to their diet, now that hemp has been made legal for human consumption.

Hemp Health Benefits

Hemp seed oil has been legal since 2003 but other hemp foods, such as hulled hemp seed and hemp protein powder, are now legal to sell as well.

It’s a big step in the right direction, but restrictions are still intact. For example, hemp food products are not allowed to contain the word ‘cannabis’ or show visual representation of the plant.

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Hemp as Medicine – Wisconsin’s first hemp harvest in decades shows potential for a new cash crop

A farmer participating in Wisconsin’s hemp pilot program is growing and processing Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

John Eichorst of Mount Horeb Hemp has had great success with his first hemp crop, despite it being a lot of work. His hemp crop is being used to produce CBD oil, a medicinal extract from the plant that aides several medical conditions such as seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain.

It’s the first year that Wisconsin has grown hemp in decades. Due to its resemblance to its intoxicating cousin, hemp was lumped in with the ban on marijuana in 1937. However, with the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp has been making a comeback in the U.S., and Wisconsin recently got on board.

Despite its superficial resemblance to marijuana, hemp has a much lower content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound that gives the high.

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Hemp Nutrition – Hemp seed foods finally legal in New Zealand

New Zealanders will finally be able to enjoy the benefits of Hemp Nutrition. As of November 12, hemp seed for human consumption will be legal to buy and sell in NZ.

Hemp Nutrition

Food Safety Minister Damien O’Connor was pleased to announce the upcoming law change, saying that it will be a major boost for the economy and hemp industry nationwide. It will benefit employment and generate export profits.

The hemp industry is celebrating the news. After years of spreading the word about hemp-based foods and the revenue they can bring, hemp advocates finally have success.

But the economy is not the only thing to receive a boost. Hemp seeds offer a health boost that New Zealanders finally have access to.

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