Hemp Seed Hearts

I have tried several brands of hemp seed and this brand is THE BEST! Some of the brands contain little pieces of the husk in them (gray bits) and a couple are bitter tasting as well. This hemp seed has a buttery/nutty flavor and tastes fresh. When I researched it a bit I realized that there are many different varieties of hemp, so obviously this company uses a superior variety as I have been using it for 2 years and every bag is perfect. I use their hemp oil in smoothies as well and all I can say is YUMMY! (October 7, 2013)*


I have more energy, my skin feels softer and my hair appears healthier. I’m a vegetarian so it gives me all the iron and protein my body needs without having to eat soy products like tofu too much. I add them to smoothies, salads and yoghurt.*

Submitted at Walgreens.com

Packed with lots of good stuff these yummy little seeds taste more like a nut than a seed. We enjoy them on salads, cereal, yogurt, in muffins or even alone! (November 1, 2013)*

Katie O.

Hemp Protein Powder

I add this to 12 ounces of coconut milk and drink it either for my breakfast or lunch. I add just a little maple syrup because hemp powder generally does not have that pleasant of a taste but this product is much milder in taste, so I don’t need as much sweetener to be palatable. Highest amount of protein I have found in a hemp product and most definitely the best tasting!  (August 2013)*

Janice Rysavy

This has a nice nutty taste that goes fine with fruit in a smoothy. I think it would be good with chocolate, too. The powder blends well in a blender. I was looking for a protein powder product that didn’t impart a funny taste to smoothies. (I’m not a fan of the taste of whey.) This works for me. (November 2013)*

David Eck

Organic Hemp Oil

Nice oil for many uses

I bought this oil just to try it after reading all the benefits of hemp oil. This is a very “heavy” oil, thicker consistency than olive or almond and very dark green. I don’t think its flavor is much stronger than 1st press EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). I bought it mainly to use mix with essential oils and few other carriers including olive oil. Can be used also as salad oil, but I would suggest a 50/50 mixture or even a 25% Hemp oil -75% other oil mixture. Can be mixed in neutral base face cream to create a heavier night cream. (July 2013)*

Diana M. Lutz

Just received this stuff and let me tell you this stuff works!! Would definitely buy this again and recommend to a friend. (September 2013)*

The best natural ingredient to help me sleep, & relax me without side effects. Also good for your skin. Thanks!  (July 2013)*


Hemp Oil Omega Green Caps

This is a must use energy supplement for a healthier life. It is cheap, affordable and totally harmless for the body. Actually it boosts the immunity level of the body. Taking these pills on daily basis made me a strong hold against communicable diseases. (November 2013)*

Norma Scott

Thanks.  Its’ a great buy – I don’t take anything else but this and my whole body feels the great benefits of this oil!!! Fast ship dark bottles to preserve.  Love it – will always buy from you.  Thanks again. (July 2013)*


I feel great!

Two hemp oil capsules in the morning and at night helps me feel more normal physically and mentally.  I have been sleeping better since I started the capsules. Hemp also seems to be a natural stool softener. I love this product, and will be purchasing more on a regular basis.
Thank you Canada Hemp Foods for this wonderful product. (September 2013)*

Nick K.

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