Hemp Recipes – 5 recipes that pack a punch of protein

So you’ve never tried Hemp Hearts? Well, read on to get some great Hemp Recipes, and to find out why these nutty little seeds should not be overlooked!

Hemp Recipes

Perhaps you’ve noticed hemp heart products on the shelves at your local food store but you’ve chosen to buy the more popular kind of seed, like flax or chia. Well, do yourself a favour – next time you’re cruising the super seed aisle, add a bag of hemp hearts to your cart. Treat your taste buds to their delicious nutty flavour, and your body to the health benefits these nutrition-packed seeds have to offer.

Hemp hearts, (shelled hemp seeds), have more anti-inflammatory omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than flax or chia, and they’re packed with protein. In a standard serving of 30 grams, (3 tablespoons), there are 10 grams of protein, twice the amount of flax or chia.

A little hemp goes a long way. Add them daily to your smoothie, breakfast cereal or salad, to boost your nutrition intake.

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Hemp Recipes – Quick and tasty hemp and tahini pasta

Hemp Seed Hearts are healthy and delicious and it’s great to have a collection of Hemp Recipes on hand.

We tend to think that Hemp Seed Hearts are just for smoothies or sprinkling over salads and cereals, but there are so many other delicious ways to add hemp seed hearts to your diet. Try this recipe for chickpea fusilli in hemp tahini sauce and you’ll discover a simple way to make a quick dinner for your family that is healthy, nutritious and, of course, delicious!

Hemp Recipes

Hemp Seed Hearts

The hemp tahini sauce has a hint of spice and wonderful flavour and the red bell peppers add a fresh and colourful presentation.

Hemp offers a rich source of digestible protein and the essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy human life, so adding hemp seed hearts to your daily meals is a great way to maintain a healthy diet.

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Hemp Recipes – Hearty winter salad packed with protein and omegas

It’s time for a new salad to be added to your collection of Hemp Recipes!

Melissa d’Arabian recommends chasing away the winter blahs of San Diego (and elsewhere) with this wonderful winter salad, high in protein with brussels sprouts and hemp seed hearts.

Hemp Recipes

It can be a long few months waiting for the promise of spring and warmer days. Over winter we all spend more time indoors, and the winter blahs can come creeping in. To combat the blahs, d’Arabian focuses on her diet.

Your diet can have a direct impact on your mood, so if you’re feeling blue, take a look at what you’re eating. Cut out processed sugar foods and up your intake of veggies, protein, fibre and healthy fats.

The ‘Winter Salad with Avocado Ranch Dressing’ recipe is just what you’ll need to add a healthy dose of nutrients and Omegas to your diet.

You can top it off with a portion of poached or roasted salmon to increase the omega and protein count, but you’ll probably find the salad to be filling enough all on its own.

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Hemp Recipes – “Souping” with hemp protein

Souping is the latest trend in the U.S. and it’s starting to gain popularity in Britain as well. Add souping detox recipes to your Hemp Recipes collection and treat your body to a nutritious cleanse.

So what is souping? It’s a cleanse much like the juice cleanses we’re used to. The theory is that rather than eating solid meals, sipping on soups is easier on the body’s digestive system and resets our bodies to optimal performance.

One nutritionist comments on how souping is superior to juicing because while soups are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals like juice, they don’t contain the sugars that juices have.

There are several souping detox recipes to explore. Click here to discover a breakfast soup recipe that contains hemp protein that will give you a morning boost.

Hemp Nutrition - US_Powder_conv_300x400

Hemp Recipes – Protein-packed smoothies

Dietitian Beth Bennett of Beachwood, Ohio, uses protein-packed smoothies to help her cancer patients.

Two of her favourite smoothie recipes are the Green Warrior Protein Smoothie and the Super Protein Power Smoothie. Hemp Recipes - green_smoothie

The Green Warrior Protein Smoothie contains hemp seed hearts, and a delicious list of other ingredients, including grapefruit juice, apples and cucumber, so we recommend you add it to your Hemp Recipes! This smoothie is a good source of iron, vitamin C and A, calcium, as well as protein.

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Hemp Recipes – Kale salad with hemp seed hearts

Kale is a nutritious leafy vegetable that makes a great base for salads. It’s loaded with fibre and flavour. Adding Hemp Seed Hearts will up the protein and Omega 3 content, and add a tasty nutty flavour as well.

Hemp Recipes - Hemp Hearts

Culinary Nutrition Expert, Amie Valpone, suggests ‘massaging’ the kale leaves to make them soft and tender. Toss in tomatoes, grated carrots and toasted sunflower seeds to make a tasty kale salad, and sprinkle Hemp Seed Hearts on top.

To add Amie Valpone’s delicious ‘Anti-Inflammatory Kale with Hemp Seed Hearts’ to your collection of Hemp Recipes, click here.

Hemp Recipes – Smoothie Recipes Galore!

Whether it’s the “Summery Mango and Hemp Seed Smoothie” or the “Sweet Almond Cherry Smoothie,” we’re sure you’ll find some new Hemp Recipes here that you will love! Add Hemp Seed Hearts or Hemp Protein Powder to any smoothie to boost the nutritional benefit and flavour.

Smoothies are a great way to get fresh foods into your diet, and they’re the perfect summer refreshment or winter warmer. Instead of buying smoothies, save yourself some money and make your own at home. They’ll also be healthier as they’ll be made with fresh ingredients. You can have fun concocting your own smoothie creations as well!smoothie_chocolate_cherry

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Hemp Recipes – Hemp seed heart smoothie bowl recipes

Add smoothie bowls to your Hemp Recipes – they’re all the rage these days! Just like drinkable smoothies, they are healthy and delicious. But smoothie bowls have an added health boost with the addition of whole food toppings, which transform them into a hearty meal or snack. Hemp Recipes smoothie-bowl

Research suggests that liquid forms of fruit are less satisfying than whole foods, so by adding fresh fruit pieces, nuts, seeds and grains, you’ll create a more satisfying meal or snack that is healthy, energizing, filling and delicious.

There is no end to the creative combinations you can come up with. Click here to find 5 tasty recipes that will get you started.


Hemp Recipes – Cooking with Hemp

Hemp is an exceptional crop! It can be used to produce anything from food products to building materials, and it’s a fast-growing, water-efficient crop to boot!

The seeds of hemp plants, “Hemp Seed Hearts,” are full of nutrients, high in protein, and they have delicious nutty flavour. Similar to chia and flax, hemp seed hearts contain large doses of iron, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. Adding them to your diet can boost your immune system and help maintain  good health overall.

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Hemp Recipes - products

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