Hemp as Medicine – New research shows that bees can collect cannabidiol from industrial hemp plants

Nick French, owner of Colorado Hemp Honey, uses Hemp as Medicine combined with the healing properties of honey and essential oils, to make his limited batches of hemp honey.

French has been researching new and innovative ways to advance both the beekeeping and industrial hemp industries. Hemp extracts can be used as alternative treatment for pain relief and anxiety, but the process of extraction is lengthy and complex. This led French to wonder if there is a simpler, more natural way to obtain the healing properties, (cannabinoids), from hemp.

First, he wanted to find out if bees would naturally extract the cannabinoids (CBD) from industrial hemp, and integrate them into their honey production. This research project concluded that hemp doesn’t have the nectar needed by the bees.

However, the research project led to the amazing discovery that bees can be spurred to collect the healing hemp resins, which they then store in their hives and use to make propolis (bee glue).

Hemp as Medicine

In conclusion, bees can extract the cannabinoids from hemp much more efficiently and economically than our mechanical alternatives.

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Hemp as Medicine – A miraculous tale of how a fatally-ill dog was saved by cannabis oil

Hemp as Medicine should not be reserved for humans – pets can also benefit from the medicinal oil derived from the cannabis plant.

Hemp as Medicine

Last fall, the loving owners of Muttley, a 12 year-old American staffordshire terrier cross, received the sad news that he wasn’t going to survive the cancer he’d been diagnosed with earlier in the year. After several doses of chemo and surgeries, Muttley was still far from the road to recovery.

Muttley became apathetic and sluggish, sleeping ninety percent of the day, and lost all interest in outdoor activities. He became very ill and lost ten kilos.

Realising nothing more could be done, owners Tim and Tina began preparing for the loss of their beloved pet. At this time, their vet suggested treating Muttley with medicinal cannabis oil to help ease the pain and discomfort. Although doubtful that it would help, they decided it was worth a try, and started giving him a low-dose medicinal hemp oil. The change in Muttley was miraculous.

He gained back the weight he’d lost, was no longer in pain, and returned to his energetic self… with a boosted appetite!

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Hemp as Medicine – The FDA is cracking down on CBD producers and retailers

The hemp industry in North Dakota is thriving, but legalities are making it difficult for those wanting to cash in on Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the hemp plants’ most promising components. It is non-psychoactive, and is an invaluable treatment for people who suffer from severe seizures and anxiety.

The trouble is, CBD is classified as a Schedule I substance under the laws of the Drug Enforcement Agency, and CBD products have been confiscated from retailers in Bismarck and Watford City, as well as in Kentucky, Alaska, and Texas. Some shopkeepers have even had federal charges against them.

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Hemp as Medicine – Young cannabis oil user will tell his story at Sydney hemp expo

This weekend at Sydney, Australia’s hemp expo, Ben Oakley of Towradgi will speak about his experience of Hemp as Medicine, and how it has benefited his life. Oakley has been using a cannabis oil treatment for his life-threatening condition.

Hemp as Medicine

The treatment has been given to him, free of charge, by Jenny Hallam of Adelaide, and she will also be one of the speakers at the Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo and Symposium at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney.

Ben and his father are dedicated to supporting Hallam in the legal case against her, for the possession and manufacturing of what is still considered to be a controlled drug.

So far, Oakley has had no choice but to obtain the cannabis oil illegally. Twenty-year old Oakley uses the oil to help with the chronic pain effect caused by his condition, stiff person syndrome.

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Hemp as Medicine – Thanks to CBD a little girl celebrates her 4th birthday

A species of the cannabis plant proves, yet again, that there is immense value in Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

On May 20th, the family of a little girl in Ramona, California, celebrated a miracle – the little girl turned four. Sadie Higuera was born with Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome, a very rare hereditary disorder. Her life expectancy was not more than two years.

Sadie started attending a special needs preschool in Ramona Elementary last year, and her parents, Brian and Damaris Higuera, are pleased to report that she is doing really well. She has become more observant and responsive, especially to music.

Sadie’s parents give credit to medicinal cannabis for her health progress. Conventional medicine prescribed by doctors would often cause setbacks and worsen her condition. But then they tried cannabidiol hemp oil (CBD). Her tumours disappeared and the severe seizures stopped.

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Hemp as Medicine – Nuns in California have cultivated a cannabis company

In California, a group of nuns who believe in Hemp as Medicine have established a medicinal hemp company. This is a sure sign that people are becoming more accepting of hemp all the time.

Hemp as Medicine

Christine Meeusen, a 58-year old nun who prefers the name Sister Kate, lives in California’s Central Valley and runs the company, Sisters of the Valley, a medicinal hemp company that makes hemp-based salves, tinctures and oils.

Sister Kate’s objective is to eliminate the negative perception of cannabis, and to provide jobs for likeminded women who also believe in the medicinal benefits of the plant.

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Hemp as Medicine – But what about during school hours?

Hemp as Medicine and recreational marijuana have gone through many changes over the last two decades in the U.S. The drug has been legalised in about 26 states so far, and more states are bound to sign up soon.

Opinions differ on whether marijuana legalisation is a logical decision. Of course it’s good economically, but another pro to legalisation is the plant as medicine, which is helping it gain approval and popularity.

The daughter of John Barclay, River, suffers from severe grand mal seizures. She’s 7 years old and is a grade one student in Aberdeen, Washington. She receives CBD (cannabidiol hemp oil) as treatment, several times a day, to reduce the amount of seizures.

Hemp as Medicine

Unfortunately, being in school causes a problem, because schools are funded by the government and the government still regards marijuana as an illegal substance. Because of this, River can’t take her CBD dose at lunchtime, while she’s at school. The school doesn’t distinguish between recreational and medicinal use of the cannabis plant.

In 1998, medical marijuana became legal in Washington State following a vote that received a 60 percent majority in favour of allowing health practitioners to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with terminal or severe conditions.

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Hemp as Medicine – Indiana finds support for legalisation of CBD

The case of Hemp as Medicine has been presented to the Indiana legislature eleven times this session. Two of the the eleven proposals are making progress, and it’s looking possible that Indiana will soon have its first medical cannabis laws.

Hemp as Medicine

Indiana is among the six states who have yet to install medical cannabis legislation. This includes cannabidiol oil, known as CBD or hemp oil, which is a type of cannabis with very low amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient.

For several years, senators have looked to Dr. Trent Jones for evidence and information about cannabis oil. Jones works with the National Institute for Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Research (NICER).

Jones says that it can be damaging to stall treatment for children with severe seizures and it lessens their chances for development. He is continually affirming CBD and industrial hemp, at the senators request.

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Hemp as Medicine – Medical refugees flee to Colorado for cannabis oil treatment

Parents of a boy who suffers from paralysing seizures, were strong advocates for Hemp as Medicine in the state of Maryland.

Hemp as Medicine

Jenny and Alex Inman did their best to educate lawmakers about the importance of medical marijuana and they pushed for its legalisation. Their determination took them to the State House, and their efforts did have an impact on Maryland’s medical marijuana laws, but the process took so long they couldn’t afford to wait.

Their son Lukas, who was 15 at the time, suffers from Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a condition that causes frequent and severe seizures. The Inman’s informed lawmakers about medical marijuana’s potential of reducing the amount of seizures. In the meantime, doctors wanted to perform surgery on Lukas’ head once again. There had been no success with prior surgery or prescribed drugs.

They did succeed in their fight for legalisation, but the laws didn’t change fast enough for them. As their son’s health declined, they decided they couldn’t wait any longer. Like so many other parents with children suffering with similar conditions, they moved to Colorado, where cannabis oil has been a recognised and doctor-prescribed treatment for many years.

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Hemp as Medicine – Canadian hemp farmers forced to waste medicinal part of plant

Every year, despite months of hard work maintaining their hemp fields, Canadian hemp farmers are forced to toss the part of the plant that makes Hemp as Medicine.

This part of the plant is called cannabidiol, (CBD), and its found in the flowering parts and leaves of the hemp plant.

Farmers are not permitted to harvest the leaves, and as Keith Jones of Rowland Farms stated, they have to disperse the leaves over the fields.

Jones is the manager of the world’s largest hemp farm, which is in Taber, Alberta. He says they’re forced to waste the part of the plant that contains the valuable component, CBD, because Health Canada limits the cultivation of hemp to the seed and stalks.

Jones says that although hemp has been cultivated for many years now, and it is proven to be safe, they are still not permitted to harvest the entire plant.

Hemp as Medicine

Dr. Steven Laviolette, a neuroscientist from the University of Western Ontario, has spent several years studying CBD as a treatment for brain disorders. He has discovered that CBD could treat many neurological diseases.

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