Hemp as Medicine – Health Canada gives green light for study of cannabis as treatment for pets

Hemp as Medicine is not just for people. A Vancouver-based cannabis company has good reason to believe that pets can benefit from it, too, and Health Canada is giving them the chance to prove it.

Hemp as Medicine

Canopy Animal Health has been granted permission from Health Canada, to research the use of cannabidiol (CBD) as anxiety treatment for pets.

The use of CBD for pets is becoming more acceptable all the time. However, this is the first time a company has requested federal approval for researching, and proving, that cannabis can be an effective veterinary medicine.

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Hemp as Medicine – This politician is a genuine hemp supporter

Colorado Senator Don Coram has been an active advocate for Hemp as Medicine since the state’s marijuana legalisation in 2014.

Hemp as Medicine

Coram has been a key player in the legalisation of hemp cultivation in the state. He has backed every hemp bill in favour of growing the plant for the production of medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

The Senator supports hemp wholeheartedly. So much so, that he even grows it himself.

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Hemp as Medicine – Study shows hemp could help reduce high blood pressure

With new discoveries of Hemp as Medicine, people could reduce their use of prescription drugs by adding hemp protein to their diet.

Hemp is not to be confused with marijuana. Although they are both species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp contains mere traces of THC, the element that gives the marijuana high.

Hemp has a long list of far more important uses, including medicinal.

Hemp as Medicine

At the University of Manitoba, a new study is interested in whether hemp protein can have a positive effect on people with elevated blood pressure, and so far the results are very promising.

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Hemp as Medicine – CBD oil is the credible and natural alternative to prescription drugs

The use of Hemp as Medicine is becoming more popular every day. People are discovering the pain relief that CBD products can give, and recognising the advantages of using a natural alternative to prescription drugs.

Hemp as Medicine

CBD can be used for numerous medical conditions, such as epilepsy, anxiety, pain relief, and PTSD. Go Green Botanicals recently opened a new natural medical clinic in New Braunfels, Texas, and their customers include military veterans who are finding relief from PTSD and chronic pain with the use of CDB oil.

Chet Crump, a military veteran, has been suffering with arthritis pain and PTSD for many years. He now uses CBD oil instead of the highly addictive prescription drugs that doctors had been prescribing him. For the first time, Crump is pain free.

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Hemp as Medicine – Indiana lawmakers legalise CBD oil, to the benefit of those in need.

There might be a lot of skepticism about using Hemp as Medicine, but luckily for the citizens of Indiana, their lawmakers are strong supporters of the plant and its medicinal benefits.

Hemp as Medicine

This week, Governor Eric Holcomb signed into law, the legalisation of CBD oil with the stipulation that it contains no more than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient.

Beginning in July, it will be legal to buy and sell cannabidiol, (CBD oil), throughout the state.

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Hemp as Medicine – Kentucky pharmacies embrace the medicinal benefits of hemp

Cannabidiol, (CBD), has many healing properties, proving the value of Hemp as Medicine. CBD can be used as treatment for a number of conditions and illnesses. It can relieve the pain experienced by cancer patients, help control epileptic seizures, and improve heart health, to name just a few.

Hemp as Medicine

In Kentucky, pharmacies have begun selling CBD in the form of oil, ointment, gummies, and vape.

People are inquiring more and more about the benefits of CBD oil, because they’re tired of dealing with the pharmaceutical industry with its costly fees and complications with insurance companies. These difficulties are leading patients to look for alternatives, and they’re discovering the value of CBD products.

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Hemp as Medicine – A deal that could make New Zealand a world leader in the CBD hemp industry

A New Zealand company could potentially land a NZ $160 million contract, supplying Hemp as Medicine to a U.S. company.

Hemp as Medicine

The NZ company, Hikurangi Cannabis Company, would grow and produce 3000kg of pharmaceutical grade cannabis to Rhizo Sciences, in Seattle.

The deal is subject to a law change in New Zealand, that is expected to go through later this year.

This contract would confirm a very profitable future for the Ruatoria region, and for New Zealand in general. It would boost the economy and bring new employment opportunities.

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Hemp as Medicine – Hemp oil cures severe seizures in 2 year old girl

Yet another miracle story hits the news, showing the amazing benefits of Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

A family in Texas had more to celebrate than the second birthday of their baby girl. The Bailey-Crouch family celebrated the fact that their daughter, Zaraiah, had her first seizure-free birthday.

Since birth, Zaraiah has suffered from rare brain disorders and severe epilepsy. She experienced an average 100 seizures a day, hindering her growth and development, both physically and mentally.

The epilepsy medications prescribed by medical professionals affected her personality, energy level, and ability to communicate. Then her grandparents and legal guardians, Cyndee Bailey-Bryant and Jeremy Bryant, discovered medicinal hemp oil.

Zaraiah started taking cannabidiol (CBD) oil six months ago, and has been seizure-free ever since.

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Hemp as Medicine – CBD oil is not just for people, but pets, too!

The use of Hemp as Medicine is becoming more common all the time, and it’s not just used to treat people. Pet owners have found that CBD oil can help their pets, too.

Hemp as Medicine

Pet owner Roxy Ellis, from B.C., has a chihuahua, Bitsy, with several health issues, including a neurological condition and liver disease. It was when Bitsy began having seizures two years ago that Ellis decided to give Cannabidiol (CBD) oil a try.

CBD oil is derived from hemp plants. It is a chemical component that is non-psychoactive, and has immense healing properties. CBD oil is commonly used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. But probably the most important condition it can help with is seizures.

Ellis was pleased with the results of the CBD treatment for her dog, Bitsy, and she also takes CBD oil herself, to help ease the long-term chronic pain she has from a car accident many years ago.

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Hemp as Medicine – Scotland ready to cash in on medicinal cannabis industry

Validation from a worldwide health company that Hemp as Medicine is bona fide, means that Scotland is ready to set a large scale hemp industry in motion.

Research has confirmed that Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used to treat, or relieve, a number of health conditions and illnesses, including epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, and arthritis, to name just a few. A World Health Organisation recently reported that CBD oils may very likely help treat Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, pain, anxiety, depression and even cancer.

Hemp as Medicine

With this CDB validation from the World Health Organisation, cannabis oil producers in Scotland hope to see a boon in the local industry, which has 250,000 members to date.

Scottish farmers are gaining interest in the idea of large-scale hemp farming for the purpose of producing medicinal hemp oil.

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