Hemp as Medicine – CBD popularity means exponential growth in this new industry

The use of Hemp as Medicine is growing in popularity, and in the U.S. it is forecast to become one of the leading markets in the next few years.

Hemp as Medicine

The 2018 Farm Bill has paved the way for progress in the hemp industry. With hemp legalization, many financial investors are looking at hemp-based CBD as their next major money maker.

The CBD industry is expected to see exponential growth over the next four years. It has been nicknamed “the next gold rush.”

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Hemp as Medicine – Canadian classification for hemp-based CBD needs to be changed

Marijuana has been legalized in Canada and yet Hemp as Medicine is still strictly regulated by the federal government. This needs to change.

Hemp as Medicine

Canadian hemp advocates are lobbying to have the regulations of hemp-derived cannabidiol revised. At the moment, CBD and marijuana are regulated in the same way under the Cannabis Act. This means that CBD is classified as a controlled substance.

The profit potential for the CBD industry is in the billions, but current regulations in Canada are hindering progress.

Meanwhile, now that hemp is legal in the United States, opportunities abound south of the border.

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Hemp as Medicine – People are finding their own proof of the healing properties of CBD

There may not be a lot of scientific proof for Hemp as Medicine but it’s fast becoming a popular treatment for several ailments.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannibidiol, (CBD), is an extract of the hemp plant. It is known to treat pain, anxiety, inflammation, and many other medical conditions. It is even known to treat cancer.

However, the only FDA-approved use of CBD is for two fare forms of epilepsy. Other than that, there really haven’t been a lot of studies conducted on cannibidiol. But that hasn’t discouraged people from using it, and judging by its widespread use, it’s for good reason.

CBD is becoming more and more common. Several new products have become available, such as body lotions, baked goods, and CBD-infused beverages. This is proof that CBD is a hot commodity and predicted to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

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Hemp as Medicine – The advantages of using CBD oil over pharmaceuticals

With chronic pain being one of the most common ailments these days, it’s not surprising that recognition of Hemp as Medicine is becoming more popular. Read on to find out why.

Hemp as Medicine

The majority of people suffering from chronic pain depend on pharmaceutical drugs to reduce the pain, but this type of medication comes with side effects and other disadvantages.

Natural remedies such as CBD oil are alternative treatments that are very beneficial for people suffering with chronic pain and arthritis. One reason is that CBD can be used long term, with no side effects or reliance issues.

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Hemp as Medicine – Wisconsin’s first hemp harvest in decades shows potential for a new cash crop

A farmer participating in Wisconsin’s hemp pilot program is growing and processing Hemp as Medicine.

Hemp as Medicine

John Eichorst of Mount Horeb Hemp has had great success with his first hemp crop, despite it being a lot of work. His hemp crop is being used to produce CBD oil, a medicinal extract from the plant that aides several medical conditions such as seizures, anxiety, and chronic pain.

It’s the first year that Wisconsin has grown hemp in decades. Due to its resemblance to its intoxicating cousin, hemp was lumped in with the ban on marijuana in 1937. However, with the 2014 Farm Bill, hemp has been making a comeback in the U.S., and Wisconsin recently got on board.

Despite its superficial resemblance to marijuana, hemp has a much lower content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound that gives the high.

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Hemp as Medicine – Vermont sees growth in hemp crops and CBD production

With an increase in hemp crops and substantial investment into Hemp as Medicine, Vermont’s hemp industry is growing fast.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychoactive medicinal property that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is growing in popularity and becoming more available as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

Alejandro Bregad and his partner Jacob Goldstein are among the first hemp growers to also process process their crop into CBD products.

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Hemp as Medicine – A space odyssey for hemp

A Kentucky-based research company wants to take hemp experimentation to new frontiers, by researching Hemp as Medicine in space.

Hemp as Medicine

Space Tango, currently the main commercial research company on the International Space Station, is teaming up with two hemp companies for the project. They will experiment with the production and quality of hemp’s medicinal properties in an environment with minimal gravity.

Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives the high. However, hemp has medicinal properties that could be very beneficial, such as CBD.

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Hemp as Medicine – Health Canada gives green light for study of cannabis as treatment for pets

Hemp as Medicine is not just for people. A Vancouver-based cannabis company has good reason to believe that pets can benefit from it, too, and Health Canada is giving them the chance to prove it.

Hemp as Medicine

Canopy Animal Health has been granted permission from Health Canada, to research the use of cannabidiol (CBD) as anxiety treatment for pets.

The use of CBD for pets is becoming more acceptable all the time. However, this is the first time a company has requested federal approval for researching, and proving, that cannabis can be an effective veterinary medicine.

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Hemp as Medicine – This politician is a genuine hemp supporter

Colorado Senator Don Coram has been an active advocate for Hemp as Medicine since the state’s marijuana legalisation in 2014.

Hemp as Medicine

Coram has been a key player in the legalisation of hemp cultivation in the state. He has backed every hemp bill in favour of growing the plant for the production of medicinal cannabidiol (CBD) oil.

The Senator supports hemp wholeheartedly. So much so, that he even grows it himself.

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Hemp as Medicine – Study shows hemp could help reduce high blood pressure

With new discoveries of Hemp as Medicine, people could reduce their use of prescription drugs by adding hemp protein to their diet.

Hemp is not to be confused with marijuana. Although they are both species of the Cannabis Sativa plant, hemp contains mere traces of THC, the element that gives the marijuana high.

Hemp has a long list of far more important uses, including medicinal.

Hemp as Medicine

At the University of Manitoba, a new study is interested in whether hemp protein can have a positive effect on people with elevated blood pressure, and so far the results are very promising.

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