Hemp History – How Kentucky once ruled the lands of hemp

Befitting to Kentucky’s Hemp History, Laura Freeman of Laura’s Lean Beef now has a collection of hemp products available. Her hemp business is located at her Winchester farm in Clark County, where at one time in history, hemp flourished.

Hemp History

To see the beginning of hemp farming in Kentucky one must look back as far as 1775. A hemp industry boomed in Kentucky where soil conditions were ideal. The fibres of hemp were used to make twine, carpets, rope and bags.

By the turn of the century, it was said that seventy-five percent of American hemp fibre was grown and produced in Kentucky alone, and by 1916, Clark County was responsible for half of this hemp production.

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Hemp History – Ten thousand years of history and we are just reawakening

When it comes to ancient human artifacts, Hemp History should not be overlooked. The oldest piece of a man-made product is a fragment of hemp fabric dating all the way back to 8,000 B.C., as written in “The Columbia History of the World.

U.S. presidents Washington and Jefferson were among the many farmers who grew hemp over two hundred years ago, before becoming illegal with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. But now it’s finally on the comeback trail.

Hemp History

Once a crop of necessity for the U.S., it is now finding strong support from processors and farmers alike. In states like Virginia, Kentucky and others, hemp is on its way to once again becoming a major income source for farmers and the community as a whole.

With up to fifty thousand uses, from rope to medicine, industrial hemp is looking at a bright future.

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Hemp History – Legality, only the first problem of farmers in Washington State

Although there is Hemp History in Washington, the first legal crop in almost 90 years is causing unforeseen problems for one Washington farmer.

Cory Sharp, a trailblazer for a new hemp-growing industry in Washington, has just celebrated his first harvest and although he is more than satisfied with the results, the enjoyment is not complete, as of yet.

Hemp History

After harvesting 105 acres, he has a great crop of seeds and fibre but because of a law which prohibits unrefined hemp being moved across state lines, he is struggling to find a buyer for his crop.

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Hemp History – Colville Tribes become part of the industrial hemp boom

The Colville Confederated Tribes become the first tribe in Hemp History to join the expanding hemp-growing industry.

The hemp-growing boom in the U.S. is bringing in an estimated 690 million today and is forecast to hit almost 2 billion by 2020.

Swawilla Basin, near Keller Ferry in Washington state, is the first step for the tribe in experimenting with the crop. They have 60 acres growing hemp, and are contemplating it becoming close to 500 acres in the area next season.

Hemp History

With some of the most famous people in history, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, among the names, hemp has quite a history in the U.S.A. Hemp has been outlawed since the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. However, the 2014 Farm Act is revitalizing the growth of the industry.

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Hemp History – Travellers’ discoveries from the wilds of India

A group of travellers found themselves in the midst of Hemp History on a recent excursion to the Garhwal hills of India.

They were astounded to find their guides had set up camp in a wild growing, green, luscious grove of cannabis.

History of Hemp

You may not be aware, but cannabis is not just for the tokers’. Without the THC, cannabis or hemp has many different uses, dating back thousands of years. From such simple uses as rope to paper to clothing, hemp is an amazing plant that has unfortunately got a bad name because of the misconception that hemp is marijuana, when in actual fact they are different varieties of the cannabis plant.

As I have said, this story is from India, and it’s nice to see that the interest in commercialising this amazing plant is growing worldwide, including developing nations, where they have been using the wild variety for centuries. But as you will see, government intervention and laws are not just in the developed nations. 

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Hemp History – The tale of a Saskatchewan hemp farmer

Hemp farmer Rod Flaman of Edenwold, Saskatchewan, is a part of Canada’s Hemp History. He first started growing hemp about ten years ago, despite scepticism from his neighbours.

He took over his father’s farm in 1981, and started out growing wheat. However, after several years of being a wheat farmer, he reached the conclusion that wheat would never make him a lot of money, and he began investigating other more specialised crops. This is how he discovered hemp.

Hemp History

Industrial hemp production became legal in Canada in 1998, and Flaman took the plunge and planted his first hemp crop. At the time there wasn’t much of a market for hemp, resulting in overproduction amongst the few farmers who were growing it, so Flaman bowed out… for the time being.

Many years later, the economic potential of hemp grew, and he’s been growing hemp every year since. To give an idea of the financial value of hemp, Flaman recently sold hemp seed for $1 per pound, compared to feed barley which yielded only 21 cents per pound.

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Hemp History – Raising awareness during America’s Hemp History Week

A business in Winchester, Kentucky, will be celebrating its fifth Hemp History Week this week, by raising awareness and encouraging the acceptance of industrial hemp. The celebration, which will mark the first day of Hemp History Week, will take place on Monday at the Full Circle Market.

The owner, Laura Sheehan, says her store carries a number of hemp products, as well as vitamins, natural care products, minerals, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. For the past four years, Sheehan has been having open discussions about hemp with her customers.

Hemp History

Using her hemp products in her store as examples, she would talk to customers and inform them that all the hemp came from Canada, and suggest how great it would be if Kentucky could grow its own. People were very receptive to the idea. They understood the benefit of hemp nutrition.

Not long after, Kentucky became the first state in the U.S. to legalise hemp growing and processing.

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Hemp History – The rekindling of Australia’s hemp industry

Australia has a similar Hemp History to the U.S.A. and after an eighty year ban, the hemp industry is making a comeback in Australia as well.

Explorer and naturalist Sir Joseph Banks made sure there were hemp seeds on board when the First Fleet departed for the young colony. He wanted the first settlers to be able to cultivate hemp, so they could produce their own rope and sails.

Hemp History

Unfortunately, as in so many other countries, the fear of drugs lead to a ban on hemp cultivation in 1937.

Despite this ban on hemp for human consumption, Australia has been exporting hemp to other countries for the past two decades, and rekindling its hemp industry in the process. The ban on human consumption was recently dissolved, so soon Australians will be able to sample their own hemp food products.

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Hemp History – SC rewinds history and joins the hemp movement in the U.S.A.

As South Carolina gets on board with hemp farming, we take a look back at the Hemp History of the U.S.A. It all started in 1939 with the federal Marijuana Tax Act which implemented very stringent rules about growing and selling any species of cannabis.

Hemp History

Earlier this month, the South Carolina General Assembly passed a bill for the legalisation of industrial hemp cultivation. It was hardly recognised because of the hustle and bustle that the Assembly was experiencing at the end of its session.

Not to be mistaken for marijuana, hemp is very different from its close cousin. Hemp has less than 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC), the psychoactive compound that gives the high, compared to marijuana’s 40 percent.

Aside from it’s extremely low THC content, hemp has thousands of uses, from food and clothing to airplane parts and vehicle compounds. The South Carolina Department of Agriculture and the State Law Enforcement Division will launch the hemp pilot program as early as this summer, allotting 20 growing licenses for up to 20 acre plots.

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Hemp History – Kansas hemp advocates want in on the cash crop

The United States has an impressive Hemp History. Prior to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, hemp was a significant crop across the nation. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, the first flag was made of hemp, and Henry Ford built a car out of hemp. But the Tax Act put an exorbitantly high tax on marijuana, which had a detrimental effect on growing hemp.

Hemp History

Fast forward to 2017 and we see a resurgence of the hemp industry in the U.S. In Kansas, advocates are trying to get on board with the booming industry by rallying to pass legislation that will enable farmers to grow industrial hemp.

An event is scheduled for Thursday at 4 pm, to gather lawmakers, farmers and other interested parties to provide information about the hemp industry – its benefits and cash crop potential.

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