Proof that Mother Nature loves us.

No other plant offers such a rich source of digestible protein and the essential fatty acids necessary for healthy human life.

  • High in vitamin E, iron, and other essential nutrients
  • Non-allergenic (unlike other vegetarian protein)
  • Contains valuable Super Omega-3 (SDA) and Super Omega-6 (GLA) that help metabolize fat
  • Grown naturally without pesticides or chemicals
  • GMO free, gluten free, and 100% THC free

We only use seed varieties that boast a nutty, buttery taste that adds great flavour to every meal.

Because healthy is good – but delicious is even better.

“As a physician, I recommend nutritious hemp seeds and oil to anyone interested in maintaining a healthy diet.” – Andrew Weil

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Hemp: The Miracle Plant

For more than ten thousand years, humans have cultivated hemp for its nutritional, medicinal, and industrial properties. Every part of the plant offers huge value:

  • Flower: powerful medicinal and spiritual properties
  • Seed: full of protein, amino acids, and the essential fatty acids required to sustain human life
  • Stalk: source of one of the world’s strongest natural industrial fibres
  • Roots & leaves: feed the soil with valuable nutrients – a farmer can grow multiple crops of hemp per season in the same field for 10 years in a row without seeing a decrease in soil nutrients

There’s no easier plant to grow… The hardy hemp plant thrives in almost any environment without the need for pesticides or herbicides.

It really is proof that Mother Nature loves us!

How do we love hemp? Let us count the ways…

Hemp is widely considered to be a prime candidate for humanity’s first cultivated crop. Here are just a few of the common goods and products that humans have made from hemp in ancient and modern times:

Cooking Oil
Building materials
Sailing cloth

Cardboard & packaging
Lamp Oil
Agro-fibre composites
Compression-molded parts
Brake/clutch linings

Oil paints
Printing inks

Perfect for Every Meal


Add hemp seed hearts or oil to smoothies, oatmeal, scrambled eggs or tofu.

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Add hemp seed hearts or oil to salads or soups.

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Add hemp oil to sauces and hemp hearts to stirfries.

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“Hemp seed literally gives essential fats to the brain that allow it to restore memories and keep it strong… [and it] works really well to fight stress and anxiety.” – Dr. Oz

Meet the Canada Hemp Foods Team

Canada Hemp Foods was founded in 2006 by Robert Rae and Wally Venechuk and is located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada. Both men had added hemp to their diet on the recommendation of friends in order to clear up some frustrating chronic health conditions – and within weeks their ailments had cleared up, they were losing weight, and had more energy than they’d had in years! Robert and Wally became so convinced of the invaluable health benefits of this nutritious plant, they decided to start a business so they could share it with others. And Canada Hemp Foods was born!

Did You Know?

Up until the early 20th century, products made from industrial hemp were as common as plastic is today. But then aggressive anti-drug laws in the U.S. in the 1910s-1930s unfairly lumped THC-free hemp with its distant cousin, marijuana, in U.S. drug laws and everything went to pot. (Uh, pardon the pun… 😉

“Will I get high?”

Nope, not even a little bit. All our products are 100% THC free, which means they don’t contain the psychotropic element contained in marijuana, which is a different strain of cannabis sativa than that which is used to grow food-quality hempseeds.

You can eat all the hemp you want without any negative effects – and it won’t make you fail a urinalysis test.

“Is it organic?”

All our products are grown without pesticides and herbicides but only some are USDA certified organic. That’s because certification is expensive and adds to the total cost of the product, and we wanted to give our customers the option of lower priced products as well.

Choose the option that makes you happiest.

“Is hemp legal?”

Yes! There has never been a law in Canada or the U.S. that has banned products made from industrial hemp. However, due to current U.S. drug laws, it is currently very difficult to get a license to grow industrial hemp in the U.S. – even though the seed contains no detectable amounts of THC (0.3%).

Thank goodness it’s legal to grow this valuable plant in Canada!

Discover More Amazing Facts About Hemp

Did You Know?

  • Up until the early 20th century, hemp used to be one of the largest and most important crops on the planet.
  • Hemp is mentioned often in the Bible – both as a valuable food source and for its fibre, which was used in clothing, pottery, and building materials.
  • Some religious scholars believe that hemp is the “Tree of Life” mentioned in the book of Genesis.
  • George Washington grew hemp as one of his primary crops and proclaimed that farmers should sow it everywhere.
  • Thomas Jefferson once said, “Hemp is of greatest importance to our nation.”
  • In 1806, King George III of England passed a Declaration stating that all Canadian farmers must grow hemp or face serious repercussions.
  • Americans used to be able to pay their taxes in hemp.

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Packed with lots of good stuff these yummy little seeds taste more like a nut than a seed.
Katie O.

Highest amount of protein I have found in a hemp product and most definitely the best tasting!
Janice Rysavy

The best natural ingredient to help me sleep, & relax me without side effects. Also good for your skin. Thanks!

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