Hemp as Medicine – Vermont sees growth in hemp crops and CBD production

With an increase in hemp crops and substantial investment into Hemp as Medicine, Vermont’s hemp industry is growing fast.

Hemp as Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a non-psychoactive medicinal property that is extracted from the hemp plant. It is growing in popularity and becoming more available as an alternative to pharmaceutical medicines.

Alejandro Bregad and his partner Jacob Goldstein are among the first hemp growers to also process process their crop into CBD products.

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Hemp Health Benefits – CBD industry booming in Tennessee

In Tennessee, new businesses selling the Hemp Health Benefits of CBD are opening all the time. People are discovering this non-toxic alternative to prescription drugs, and the pain relief it can bring.

Hemp Health Benefits

Last week, an ex-narcotics investigator opened a CBD hemp shop in the town of Smyrna. Owner John Mitchell says the majority of his customers are people who have suffered from chronic pain for many years.

Mitchell became an advocate for hemp-based CBD himself, after a hit and run accident left him with serious disk injuries in his back. He was prescribed medication for the injury, but once he tried CBD products, there was no turning back.

Now Mitchell aims to set the record straight about medicinal hemp and the value of CBD products.

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Hemp as Medicine – A space odyssey for hemp

A Kentucky-based research company wants to take hemp experimentation to new frontiers, by researching Hemp as Medicine in space.

Hemp as Medicine

Space Tango, currently the main commercial research company on the International Space Station, is teaming up with two hemp companies for the project. They will experiment with the production and quality of hemp’s medicinal properties in an environment with minimal gravity.

Hemp contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives the high. However, hemp has medicinal properties that could be very beneficial, such as CBD.

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Hemp Nutrition – Brisbane pizzeria offers customers with superfood option

A pizza restaurant in Brisbane is serving up a healthy crust of Hemp Nutrition.

Pizza Commune has created a new pizza base with the superfood ingredient, hemp, so customers can enjoy a nutritional boost with their pizza meal.

Hemp Nutrition

Hemp is deemed a superfood because its seeds are nutrient dense. They are a balanced source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 essential fatty acids. They’re also high in protein and loaded with vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and vitamin E.

Hemp as food has been legal in Australia since November 2017, and restaurants have been launching hemp food options since then. However, Pizza Commune claims to be the first in Australia to offer a superfood crust.

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Hemp in the News – Lawmaker wants Michigan farmers to have hemp opportunities

Michigan State Rep. Dan Lauwers puts Hemp in the News. He is the mastermind behind getting hemp in the forefront of Michigan’s politics, and hopes farmers will soon have access to a new and profitable crop.

Hemp in the News

Lauwers recognises the vast opportunities and economic benefits that a hemp industry could bring to the state.

There’s a stigma against hemp because of it’s controversial cousin, marijuana, but there are major differences between the two plants. First and foremost, the amount of THC. However, as Lauwers points out, most people aren’t even aware of the many uses of hemp and how versatile the crop can be.

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Hemp vs. Marijuana – How a hemp farmer won her year-long battle for water access

Ultimately, it’s the controversy of Hemp vs. Marijuana that hindered a Helena Valley hemp farmer from harvesting her first crop one year ago. But after a year-long fight for her right to use a federal water supply, she is finally reaping the benefits.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Kim Philips is legally permitted to grow hemp as part of Montana’s Hemp Pilot Program. However, when growing her first crop last year, she was refused access to a federal reservoir water supply that she needed, resulting in the loss of her entire crop.

The water refusal was due to federal laws against irrigating controlled substances. However, her long legal battle paid off.

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Hemp Politics – Canada’s upcoming marijuana legalisation will benefit hemp farmers, too

Upcoming law changes in Canadian Hemp Politics are going to have a very positive impact on hemp farming and the hemp industry as a whole.

Hemp Politics

On October 17th, the Cannabis Act will be launched and marijuana use will become legal in Canada. Industrial hemp will also benefit from the new laws. A lot of the restrictions surrounding hemp cultivation will be eliminated, which will broaden the scope of the industry.

A significant change that the Cannabis Act will bring, is removing hemp from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The other game changer is that the grain and stalks of the hemp plant will no longer be included in the Cannabis Act.

Hemp farmers can breathe a sigh of relief as the process of growing hemp is going to be much easier and less economically taxing.

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Hemp Health Benefits – World Heart Day Federation recommends hemp for a healthy heart

With the abundance of Hemp Health Benefits, it’s no wonder the World Heart Day Federation recommends hemp for a healthy heart.

Hemp Health Benefits

September 29 marks World Heart Day 2018. This year, there’s a focus on raising awareness about what we can do to take better care of our hearts and the hearts of our loved ones.

A healthy heart begins with the food we choose to eat. The Heart Day Federation has compiled a list of 10 foods that should be included in our diets and, not surprisingly, hemp made the list.

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Uses of Hemp – New hemp technology sparks interest from Olympics organisers

There are thousands of Uses of Hemp, and the list keeps growing. Now, a new process to prevent concrete from cracking is about to be added.

Uses of Hemp

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp. is developing a way of using hemp fibres to prevent cracking in concrete. The new technique has sparked interest in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics coordinators. They want to use it for their bobsleigh and luge tracks, where preventing cracks in the concrete is crucial.

Highly-technical construction projects such as swimming pools, skate parks and olympic bobsled tracks, require fibres that can prevent cracking and that are easy to work with. Glass and plastic fibres are commonly used for this, but neither get the job done as successfully and reliably as hemp. Hemp has proven to be the only fibre that can do the job.

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Hemp in the News – State lawmaker dedicated to hemp, despite skepticism from colleagues

The actions of a state lawmaker in Tennessee put Hemp in the News this week. He is proving his dedication to industrial hemp by growing it himself.

Hemp in the News

A year ago, Rep. Jay Reedy was a strong advocate for the industrial hemp bill and backed it in the house of representatives. Determining that he should know more about the plant he was supporting, he decided to grow some hemp on his own farm.

Many of his colleagues were skeptical, and Rep. Reedy realised it was due to fear that surrounds the misconception that hemp and marijuana are the same plant, which they’re not. He grew the hemp for research purposes, so he could gain information and share it with fellow lawmakers.

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