Pennsylvania is one of many states that is now on board with exploring the many Uses of Hemp and its immense economic potential. There are now 16 hemp plots across the state that are legally growing hemp for research purposes, and its the first legal hemp to grow in the state in over 80 years.

One of the plots is a 3-acre field in Upper Saucon Township. Today it’s a field of old cornstalks, but in less than a month it’s expected to be a lush field of industrial hemp.

Uses of Hemp

Another plot is owned by an organic farmer in Northumberland county who intends to grow hemp to research its value as an oil for human consumption and for producing cosmetics, soap, and other products.

The Pennsylvania Industrial Hemp Council is assisting a research project in an abandoned anthracite mine in Luzerne County, to test the plant’s ability to restore the toxic soil, and also to see if it can grow in unfavourable conditions.

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