Building materials are one of the many Uses of Hemp, and a home builder in Alaska sees the potential of using hemp for northern living.

Although Alaska was third on the list of states to legalize marijuana, it has yet to recognize the benefits of its close cousin, hemp. Marijuana and hemp are both species of the cannabis plant.

Uses of Hemp

With building interest for new industry and business in Alaska, the issue of hemp legalization is drawing attention amongst lawmakers. For Alaska to legalize industrial hemp cultivation for economic purposes, would be to follow in the footsteps of at least thirty other states.

Home builder Jack Bennet of Homer, Alaska, has invested time and expertise on a model home that could potentially be a very viable housing solution for the northern state. His building material of choice is made from hemp, and he has been working on the development of a brick that is suitable for the cold northern temperatures.

Unfortunately, the hemp needs to be imported from Holland because it is still illegal to grow in Alaska. Bennet would love to be able to acquire hemp from local farmers.

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