Kazakhstan’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dariga Nazarbayeva, is eager to take advantage of one of the most beneficial Uses of Hemp.

Nazarbayeva made a statement last week that using hemp to make paper would greatly reduce its price. The statement was made during a meeting about industrial hemp research for product and medicinal uses.

Currently, Kazakhstan doesn’t produce its own paper. It is imported and, therefore, comes with a high price. Nazarbayeva recognises the economic benefits that Kazakh paper production would bring. In addition, she commented on how hemp can also be used to make medicine for patients with cancer and AIDS, and pointed out that Israel, the Czech Republic, Canada and the Netherlands are all countries that use hemp as medicine.

Uses of Hemp - CHF_Hemp_Infographic_web

Industrial hemp has many uses. It can be used to produce several kinds of paper, textiles and food products. There are at least 25,000 different kinds of products made from hemp worldwide.

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