There are so many Uses of Hemp, and David Schmitt, the COO of Spring Hope, North Carolina-based Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, wants to produce hemp products that benefit the environment.

The company has been growing kenaf for two years, a plant that resembles cannabis, but is actually a species of hibiscus, and is legal worldwide. Like hemp, kenaf has many uses, such as an absorbent for oil spills.

This year the company has started growing hemp, thanks to the hemp pilot project that North Carolina legalised, since the 2014 Farm Bill was put into place.

Schmitt says that hemp holds much more potential than kenaf. There are over 25,000 uses for industrial hemp, and he wants to make products to sell in Alaska.

Uses of Hemp - Hemp_leaves

Alaskan resident Jack Bennett also has a vision for hemp in Alaska. He is currently constructing a house using hempcrete, a hemp-based building material. Homes built with hemp are more energy efficient than others, which Bennett believes would be a tremendous benefit to homeowners in the north.

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