Industrial hemp is on the rise, and Alberta is at the forefront, according combine harvesting hemp cropto a researcher who has advocated hemp crops for more than ten years .

This year there will be approximately 100,000 acres of hemp grown in Canada, 20,000 of which are in southern Alberta.

There are two Manitoba hemp seed processing plants that sell de-hemp seeds or other forms of the seed. It is not advisable for Although some farmers choose to de-hull seed on their own farms and sell privately, Jan Slaski, a crop physiologist with ‘Alberta Innovates Technology Futures’ says it is safer to have seed processed at a commercial facility, because hemp seed is susceptible to E. coli.

There are many uses of hemp. Hemp seed is being added to many foods, and is also used to produce milk substitutes and beer. The seed is cold pressed to create oil, which is then used to produce soaps, skin and hair-care products, and also in the production of paints and lubricants.

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