Pennsylvania joins the growing list of states that recognise the distinction between Hemp vs. Marijuana and are ready to start building their hemp industry.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has given the stamp of approval to sixteen industrial hemp research projects.

One of the farms, Destiny’s Agro Farm Inc., will conduct studies of four different kinds of hemp plants, to determine quality in appearance, fibrous attributes, and seed output.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

State Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding says industrial hemp is a high value crop that offers extensive opportunities and tremendous economic potential.

Industrial hemp and marijuana are closely related, but they are not the same. They are in fact two different varieties of the same plant, cannabis. The most significant difference is that hemp is grown for its fibre, stalk and seed, while marijuana is grown for its psychoactive ingredient. Industrial hemp contains a mere fraction of this ingredient, known as THC.

Redding is advocating for Pennsylvania’s opportunity to join the hemp industry, beginning with these research projects, that are a legal part of the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Program established in December 2016.

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