It’s especially important to note the difference of Hemp vs. Marijuana when it comes to treatment for pets.

Since the U.S. November election, the majority of the states have officially recognised the use of medical marijuana. Eight of which have legalised recreational marijuana. The benefits of medical marijuana isn’t limited to people; pets can find relief from it as well.

When veterinarians are asked by their clients about treating their pets with cannabis, it puts these vets in an awkward legal situation.

At the Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic in Portland, Oregon, veterinarian Dr. Cornelia Wagner says there are many pet owners who choose hemp or medical marijuana as treatment for their pets that are suffering from the same ailments as humans. These include cancer, chronic pain, inflammation and seizures, to name a few.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

In the past five years, conversations about medical marijuana and hemp are much more common, and Wagner says they need to be very careful about offering advice to clients. Animals react differently to marijuana, feeling the effects of THC more intensely.

The Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic chooses to carry only hemp products, because hemp doesn’t have the psychoactive component like marijuana.

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