New product development, (NPD), ideas and techniques are making Hemp Nutrition one of the fastest growing food industries around.

With a growth rate of over 40% over the last five years, more and more people are realising the health benefits of all hemp products, from oils to powders and everything in between. As the advantages of hemps’ natural source of many vitamins and minerals becomes more widely known, it is becoming a daily part of more and more peoples’ diet and health regimes.

Hemp Nutrition

For those who are unaware, hemp is one of the best forms of delivery for omega 3 and 6, which is known to be a great reliever of arthritis inflammation and stiffness. Supplying vitamin E, it also contains the minerals iron, zinc, potassium, sulfur and many others. Hemp can help with digestion and heart function, and has become a widespread remedy for many other ailments.

Cereals, sports bars, and energy foods are the most common uses in the new upsurge of hemp popularity.

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