Alaska has legalised marijuana, but it has yet to recognise Hemp Nutrition and have marijuana’s cousin, industrial hemp, legalised.

Having seen the ridiculousness of this injustice to hemp, Karen Landry, a server at Jens Restaurant in Anchorage, has taken action to educate the public. With National Hemp History Week starting on Monday, June 5th, her timing is perfect.

Landry started with her boss, Nancy Alib, who has owned Jens Restaurant for almost two years. Alib created two dishes featuring hemp seed hearts – a salad and a fish dish.

Hemp Nutrition

Up until two weeks ago when Landry introduced her to hemp seeds, Alib wasn’t aware they even existed. She was immediately dazzled by the nutritious qualities of the seed, noting that they’re high in protein, fibre and have a wonderful nutty flavour. She thought an almond-crusted fish would lend itself naturally to the addition of hemp seed hearts.

At least three other restaurants have joined the cause, thanks to Landry’s efforts to raise awareness about the economic, industrial, and health benefits of hemp.

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