Paul Benhaim of Hemp Foods Australia is excited about the growth of Hemp Nutrition products in 2017. He recently poured half a million dollars into new hemp-processing equipment at his facility in Bangalow. The facility produces certified organic hemp seeds, protein, hemp flour and hemp seed oil.

Hemp Foods Australia is also an active advocate for change in hemp laws that will make hemp food products legal to sell in Australasia.

According to Benhaim, the most significant news is his successful recruitment of enough hemp producers to meet the increasing demand for hemp products, something they’d been working on since they first started, five years ago. They needed to raise awareness among farmers about hemp, and inform them that unlike the marijuana species of cannabis, industrial hemp does not contain the psychoactive component that gets you high.

Hemp Nutrition

This month the company helped many sizable Queensland farmers to acquire licenses to grow hemp.

Benhaim predicts that in 2017 Australian farmers will produce $15.5 million worth of hemp food products.

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