Hemp Nutrition has a bright future in New Zealand and Australia, now that the Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) has approved hemp for human consumption. Hemp food products will be available by November this year.

Hemp Nutrition

Several renowned chefs are getting ready to launch menu items that include the nutritious seed, in all its forms. Although it is still a few months before the new law comes into effect, hemp is being cultivated across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. In the meantime, chefs can learn from other countries where hemp foods have been legal and flourishing for some time.

There are many benefits to hemp, and nutrition is one of them. Nicknamed one of the mighty superfoods, hemp is a healthy, fatty seed with a nutty flavour and creamy texture. Hemp seeds can be made into many different food products, such as oil, which is wonderful on salads or soups, or ground up to make hemp protein powder, which can be used in sauces, reductions, or baking. The seeds can also be ground and combined with water to produce hemp milk or cream. The seeds in their raw, hulled form, are tasty and nutritious when sprinkled on top of salads, cereals, and desserts.

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