Smoke marijuana and you’ll get high, eat hemp and you’ll get nothing but heaps of Hemp Nutrition.

Hemp Nutrition

New Zealand chef, Cameron Sims, wants to end the stigma about hemp, and educate Kiwis on its nutritional value. In fact, he’d like to see hemp seeds as a key protein source amongst Kiwis. A pop-up restaurant will open this week that will give Sims the opportunity to serve up some hemp awareness.

Hemp, like marijuana, is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant, but the THC levels for hemp are around 0.3 percent, while marijuana THC levels are an average 10 percent. So you could smoke a whole field of hemp, but you still wouldn’t get high.

The pop-up restaurant will be serving a variety of dishes that contain hemp seed oil. So far hemp seeds are still illegal for human consumption in New Zealand, but the laws are changing. In April, the Food Safety Minister David Bennett, announced that hemp seeds would be legalised within 18 months. Sims’ goal is to prepare New Zealanders for the new product before it hits the shelves.

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