We often see Hemp in the News and it is on the rise as a hot commodity which begs the question, when will the U.S. hemp laws and regulations follow suit?

The first American flag was made out of hemp and actor Woody Harrelson came close to doing time in jail for growing it. Still, we see large chain stores like Whole Foods Market and Wal-Mart selling shelled hemp seed snacks and companies like BMW using hemp as stuffing for car seats.

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Unfortunately hemp’s status is greatly influenced by its close cousin, marijuana. The ever-changing rules surrounding marijuana are both a benefit and a burden on hemp. Luckily, the hemp industry has financial backing and the support of farmers, particularly in the states that flourished during the tobacco era and now need to find an economically viable replacement.

The U.S. hemp industry still has a lot of work to do to revive the market that was cut off due to drug regulations.

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