In Alaska, the dawning of a new industry has Hemp in the News this week, as many rush to sign up for the soon to be launched hemp pilot program. Applicants are hoping to be part of this project for the study of farming commercial hemp in the state.

Not to be confused with marijuana, industrial hemp is a separate strain of the Cannabis Sativa plant that contain less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive component.

Hemp in the News

Industrial hemp, once a thriving crop in the U.S., was used to make rope, textiles, and many other products and materials. But in 1937 the federal government deemed it illegal, partly due to its relation to marijuana.

Since the introduction of the 2014 Farm Bill, many states have introduced hemp pilot programs to study the potential of hemp as a crop and, ultimately, to reestablish the industry. Alaska is the 35th state to get on board with the program.

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