Hemp as Medicine and recreational marijuana have gone through many changes over the last two decades in the U.S. The drug has been legalised in about 26 states so far, and more states are bound to sign up soon.

Opinions differ on whether marijuana legalisation is a logical decision. Of course it’s good economically, but another pro to legalisation is the plant as medicine, which is helping it gain approval and popularity.

The daughter of John Barclay, River, suffers from severe grand mal seizures. She’s 7 years old and is a grade one student in Aberdeen, Washington. She receives CBD (cannabidiol hemp oil) as treatment, several times a day, to reduce the amount of seizures.

Hemp as Medicine

Unfortunately, being in school causes a problem, because schools are funded by the government and the government still regards marijuana as an illegal substance. Because of this, River can’t take her CBD dose at lunchtime, while she’s at school. The school doesn’t distinguish between recreational and medicinal use of the cannabis plant.

In 1998, medical marijuana became legal in Washington State following a vote that received a 60 percent majority in favour of allowing health practitioners to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with terminal or severe conditions.

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