Recognising the many Uses of Hemp, Wisconsin lawmakers want to see hemp production legalised in the state, to encourage a revival of its past success. It would give farmers the opportunity to cultivate an adaptable and resilient crop in their fields, and research from several other states gives a promising indication that hemp has great potential as a cash crop.

In March, Rep. Jesse Kremer and Sen. Patrick Testin presented a bill in favour of legalising hemp production. The plant has many uses. Its fibre can be used to produce fabric, rope, and insulation and its oil and seeds can be used to make food products and cosmetics. Hemp is also being used to create large scale batteries and auto parts.

Uses of Hemp

At a time in history, Wisconsin was America’s leader in hemp production. During World War II, at the height of its success, the state was responsible for seventy-five percent of the hemp grown in the country. But a crash followed, and China moved in on the market. Today, all across the U.S., states are signing up to bring back their hemp industry, and Wisconsin lawmakers want to get on board.

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