The state of Virginia would like to cash in on the many Uses of Hemp. Marty Phipps, a business owner in Richmond, Virginia, offers a unique kind of animal bedding material. It’s a frayed material that is absorbent, repels bacteria and limits odour.

The material is produced from the fibres of hemp, which is a species of cannabis closely related to marijuana and, therefore, surrounded by government regulations. Because of this, Phipps is currently importing hemp from Europe, but he reckons it would cost half as much if he could buy hemp locally.

Uses of Hemp - hemp_money

Hemp is making a comeback in the U.S. but it is a slow process. This year Virginia joined the list of states that are resurrecting the hemp industry. For the first time in decades, Virginia reaped its first hemp crop. Although the crop was minimal and intended for research purposes only, many people, politicians included, would like to invest in the hemp industry for its many commercial uses and employment benefits.

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