A trial hemp plot in Ruatoria will explore the economic benefits and Uses of Hemp.

The Health Ministry of Ruatoria has granted Hikurangi Enterprises permission to grow a test plot of industrial hemp. The company wants to find out if hemp is a viable crop for farmers in the Ruatoria area.

Uses of Hemp - Hemp_leaves

The chairman of Hikurangi Enterprises, Panapa Ehau, said they’re starting out small with a plot of only 400m2. Their intent is to study the cultivation of the crop and work on building connections that can help New Zealand enter the industrial hemp market.

In their search for ways to employ local Maori people in a way that would benefit the land, provide good jobs and be economically sustainable, Hikurangi Enterprises found industrial hemp to be a promising and viable option.

Chairman Esau said there are multiple uses for hemp, such as food and health products, fabrics, and housing materials.

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