Recognising that block, steel and concrete are outdated building options, Prime Minister Andrew Holness learns of one of the many Uses of Hemp – hempcrete.

Speaking at the opening of the inaugural Build Expo and Conference in Montego Bay, Holness spoke about the need to look for new building technologies that are equal in strength to the traditional block, steel and concrete, but also energy efficient, sustainable, easier to work with, and more economical.

Uses of Hemp

Holness communicated his hope that the conference would bring forth new, innovative construction ideas and methods for the local area.

American Joy Beckman presented hempcrete, a hemp-based building material that meets all the criteria mentioned by Holness. In response, Holness expressed a keen interest in hempcrete and said he’d like to see more of the hemp-based product.

Although hemp is not currently grown in Jamaica, Holness said there have been discussions about developing a hemp industry in Jamaica for years.

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