Kentucky’s Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research, located at the University of Louisville, received generous funding for research into the Uses of Hemp and it’s economic benefits.

Uses of Hemp

Industrial hemp is a whole new venture for the centre but it’s an appropriate addition to its study of biofuels, catalysts, and other chemical productions, according to Henry Hank Conn. He and his wife have invested millions of dollars into the centre, including a recent $160,000 to assist in the centre’s upcoming hemp research.

A second contribution is from a family endowment established over 30 years ago by Ray Schnur Sr. of Louisville. Schnur Sr. graduated from the Speed School, which is where the Conn Centre is located. Initially, his donated funds were directed to Speed’s electrical engineering department, but the family of Schnur Sr. has requested that the money go towards the hemp research team instead.

Schnur’s son Ray Jr., who is 81, believes there is a bright future for hemp.

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