Durable and sustainable textiles are one of the many Uses of Hemp. Rob Jungmann’s story of creating a hemp clothing company is both inspiring and admirable.

When Rob Jungmann was a young boy his family moved from Phoenix to Washington. Coming from desert country, he wasn’t accustomed to seeing trees and found it amazing to be around the environment they created. But within just one year he witnessed the drastic change of the trees being bulldozed by the destructive logging industry.

The experience inspired Jungmann to seek alternatives to environmentally harmful industries. He turned to hemp, a sustainable crop with exceptional benefits, and created the hemp clothing company, Jungmaven.

Jungmaven is currently a minor player in the monstrous textile industry. The world’s clothing and textile industry, predominantly made up of cotton and plastics, amounts to more than $3,000 trillion and the number is rising five percent each year.

Cotton and plastics may dominate the world’s textile industry, but hemp is on the rise, growing in popularity and demand. Ten years ago Jungmann was overlooked and ignored at textile trade shows, but now he’s seen as a forerunner in changing opinions about the value of hemp.

Hemp can solve many of the planet’s destructive industrial issues. Deforestation could be abolished and hemp could replace the need for fossil fuels, while at the same time replenishing soil and improving air quality.

Uses of Hemp

The uses and benefits of hemp are endless.

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