In India, a number of entrepreneurs are advocating the many Uses of Hemp, and want to see the plant used in healthcare, agriculture and apparel. There is immense opportunity for hemp cultivation and production in India.

Uses of Hemp

The Bombay Hemp Company (Boheco) is urging for hemp to be used in textiles, material sciences, and health and nutrition.

Boheco co-founder, Sanvar Oberoi, remarks on how hemp continues to be mistaken for a drug. People need to realise that hemp has thousands of uses, and getting high is not one of them. Hemp is a strain of Cannabis Sativa, but it differs from marijuana in that it contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the psychoactive component.

Hemp companies in India, such as Boheco, have been raising awareness about the benefits of hemp, informing stakeholders, consumers, and even the government. The misconception surrounding industrial hemp needs to change, so that India can make way for the opportunities hemp has to offer.

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