With Australia’s recent approval of hemp seeds for human consumption, food has now been added to the legal Uses of Hemp in the country. As a result, there is a buzz of excitement in the hemp industry in Australia, as people are beginning to recognise the immense potential of this new industry.

Colin Steddy, director of the Hemp Corporation and West Australian hemp grower, made a trip to China to learn more about the hemp industry there. He reported that China will grow a million acres of hemp this year. Currently, China gets a lot of its seeds from Bangladesh and Africa, but supply is limited, and they would prefer to buy the superior quality of Australian seeds.

Uses of Hemp

While in China, Steddy discovered some new uses of hemp and brought an array of products home with him. Most notably, biodegradable plastic bags and shipping pallets, but in China hemp is also being used to produce construction materials, clothing, mattresses and furniture.

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