Constructing a sustainable, energy-efficient home is just one of the many Uses of Hemp. Westlock resident, Dion Lefebvre, recently completed the construction of his new hemp home. It took him three years, $30,000, some hard labour and steady commitment.

Lefebvre’s new home is not your average house. It’s an energy-efficient 350-square-foot “tiny home” built out of hemp.

Uses of Hemp - photo of hemp farm

The hemp building material is called ‘hempcrete,’ concrete-like bricks made from a mixture of hemp’s fibrous core and a lime-based binder. The combination creates a well-insulated brick that is much lighter than your standard building materials.

Lefebvre sees a great future for tiny hemp homes and believes they have the ability to transform local, and possibly even global, economies.

The new homeowner commends the energy-efficiency of hempcrete and its resistence to fire, mould and rot.

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