One of the greatest Uses of Hemp is textiles, and Bastcore, a company based in Omaha, recently signed a deal that could help hemp become a standard material for apparel producers in the U.S.

For the first time in the U.S., a hemp processing company has established a supply contract with an apparel company. The contract means that Bastcore will begin growing the kind of hemp that is best suited for textile production, and will supply it directly to Recreator Hemp Apparel, the California-based clothing company.

Uses of Hemp

The contract could potentially spur on hemp’s placement in the textile industry in the U.S. It will also help establish a sustainable hemp industry, with hemp fibre being grown by local farmers, and Bastcore processing the fibres into yarn. The yarn will then be sent to Recreator Hemp Apparel to be made into clothing.

Contracts such as these could greatly benefit the budding hemp industry in the U.S.

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