In 1997, Ruth Fahrbacht, also known as the ‘Hempstress,’ discovered the quality and durability of hemp, with the purchase of a hemp guitar strap. She never looked at hemp the same way again.

Research taught her about the thousands of Uses of Hemp, and she was sold. Two years later her hemp company ‘Taos Hemp LLC’ was founded. Fahrbacht is a keen advocate of hemp, believing that it is the plant that can save our planet. Actually, she’s not far from the truth. Hemp has many uses, from food, clothing, paper, building materials, medicine, and fuel, to name just a few. Hemp is also an economic saviour for farmers and unemployment rates.

Hemp has a fascinating history of being one of the oldest cultivated plants on the planet, dating back to 8,000 B.C., and one of the most important economic and beneficial crops in American history.
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