Hemp rope has been used for decades on the Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

Astika Holdings, Inc., a strategic acquisition company of service, agriculture and industrial companies from the Nantong Region in China, is moving into the industrial hemp sector. They plan to acquire their own facilities in Asia and New Zealand under the new company, Nantong HZ Hemp Co. Ltd.

Mark Richards, the director for Astika Holdings commented that industrial hemp coincides with Astika’s vision of a “Green Future.” The Nantong Grain Seeder meets Astika’s standards of agriculture modernization, a multi-function process that cuts down on the use of tractors, lowers costs, increases product, uses less fertilization, reduces pollution and protects the environment.

There are many uses of hemp, and it can replace environmentally harmful products such as tree paper. Hemp is easier on the environment in that it does not require pesticides or herbicides, does not cause soil erosion, and it produces oxygen. The processing of tree paper requires chlorine bleach which creates toxic waste products that are carcinogenic. Tree paper also contributes to deforestation. Hemp on the other hand, produces 4 times more pulp than trees, can wield 1-3 crops a season, and can potentially be recycled up to 10 times, compared to 3 or 4 times for wood pulp paper. The raw material of hemp can also be used to create products such as textiles, building materials, industrial materials, rope, foods, cosmetics, and many other products, without causing harm to the environment.

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