On March 21st, a CBC report announced a Federal Court judge in Vancouver has granted last-minute good news for medical marijuana users who say they need to be able to grow their own at home.

The injunction allows those who have a personal production license to grow medical marijuana to continue for now, pending the outcome of a trial to be held at a later date.

The affected, about 40,000 Canadians with an authorization to possess medical marijuana will now be allowed to continue to grow for their own purposes. They will only be permitted to hold up to 150 grams.

Law and Marijuana
This injunction challenges part of the April 1st introduction of Health Canada’s new medical marijuana regulations.

Without the injunction, Health Canada’s new laws, which go into effect April 1, would end the home production of medical marijuana.

Instead, all those using medical marijuana would have to purchase it from large-scale commercial facilities that are being set up around the country.

Patients have voiced concern about the cost and the quality of the product they will be able to obtain under the new system.