Let’s set the record straight about Hemp vs. Marijuana – just because they’re siblings doesn’t mean they’re the same. Hemp is not a recreational drug like marijuana, and it certainly can’t get you high. Hemp and marijuana both stem from cannabis sativa, but they are entirely different species of this same plant.

Hemp vs. Marijuana - Hemp_leaves

Hemp was once a thriving crop in the U.S. In fact, during WWII the government actually paid farmers to grow it. Over 150 million pounds of industrial hemp were grown to produce supplies for the American army and navy.

The history of hemp as an agriculture crop dates back 10,000 years. It is one of the earliest plants ever cultivated in human history. According to the U.S. Government archives, some important historic documents were made of hemp. For example, the first Bibles, maps, charts, and the first Declaration of Independence.

So how did hemp end up where it stands today, as a largely illegal crop?

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