It’s important to know the uses and benefits of Hemp vs. Marijuana. Hemp is growing in popularity across the U.S.A., and was a key point of discussion at the latest CLUB 20 meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

The National Hemp Association says Colorado is one of the only states that has legalised hemp cultivation. Along with local leaders, the NHA affirms that although closely related, hemp and marijuana are not the same.

As Congressman Scott Tipton said, there is an inaccurate assumption that the THC content of hemp is the same as marijuana, when in fact it is entirely different.

Hemp has a meager amount of THC, rendering it completely inutile as a recreational drug. But it has so many other valuable uses.

The fibre from hemp can be used to produce thousands of products such as paper, fibre, clothing, and rope. Hemp can also be used to detoxify soil.

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