The main differences between Hemp vs. Marijuana is that unlike marijuana, hemp does not contain the psychoactive ingredient (THC), it has thousands of uses from fabric to building materials, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Hemp vs. Marijuana - CHF_Hemp_Infographic_web

Cape Town business owner, Tony Budden, explains that unlike recreational and medicinal cannabis, industrial hemp is low in THC. Also, marijuana is known for it flowers and bushy foliage, while hemp is valued for its tall stalk and strong fibres. Hemp plants can grow densely, at approximately two hundred plants per square metre, whereas only one marijuana plant can be planted in the same amount of space.

Hemp is environmentally friendly – it needs very little fertiliser and does not require pesticides. It’s a fast-growing plant, can survive droughts, and is not threatened by weeds.

The hemp building material known as hempcrete is just one of its thousands of uses.

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