Kentucky hemp farmer, Jim Barton is fully aware of the Hemp vs. Marijuana issue. The type of cannabis he grows was once a much cultivated crop in the U.S., for the production of things like sailcloth, rope, and clothing. Hemp vs. Marijuana - hemp_crop

Barton is not in favour of marijuana legalization. In his opinion, it is the confusion between the two plants that kept hemp farming illegal for so many years. On November 4th, voters in Washington, D.C., Alaska and Oregon voted to decriminalize marijuana for recreational purposes. With the easing of marijuana laws, hemp is becoming more accepted, and pilot programs have been put in place for study and research purposes.

However, the confusion between hemp and marijuana had a significant effect on Barton’s first hemp crop this year. Drug-enforcement officials interfered with his shipment of seeds, which resulted in late planting and, therefore, a stunted crop.

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