A healthy alternative to commercial products, it is easily made and keeps in the fridge for several days. Take equal quantities of hemp seed and any nut you choose; sunflower seeds add a lovely, creamy emulsifying effect. Toasting them adds another twist in flavours.

Choose whichever nut you fancy. Classic peanut butter with shelled hemp seed is fantastic. Use the basic recipe and see what combinations you can come up with. Favourites like cashew, peanuts, pistachio or almonds produce great results.


(will give about a small jar, will keep in the fridge for up to a week)

100 grams nuts (see examples below)
100 grams hemp seed or 30-40 grams of shelled
50 grams sunflower seeds (toasted or not)
1 dessertspoon honey


Toast the sunflower seeds in a dry pan if desired. Grind the hemp, sunflower seeds and nuts you are using as fine as possible, then mix them together in a bowl with the honey, to form a paste. Spoon into a sealable container and enjoy on toast or bread.

Made with peanuts and served with red current jelly is a firm children’s favourite.