Hemp seeds truly are a superfood, and it’s great to have some Hemp Recipes on hand, to make the most of these delicious, nutritious little seeds.

Hemp Recipes

After being one of the trendiest words used in food marketing over the past several years, the term superfood has lost its impact, as any trend will do. Between 2011 and 2015 the number of new products claiming superfood status increased a whopping 202% globally, 30% of which were launched in the U.S.

So after years of overuse, the term superfood doesn’t really hold much weight anymore, and it doesn’t help that many consumers were unsure of its meaning in the first place. We can assume that being a superfood means containing an extra boost of nutrition, but when the word ends up plastered over a plethora of new products, it’s hard to know which ones are genuinely super and which are just marketing ploys. One superfood that holds very true to its name are hemp seeds.

If marijuana comes to mind, think again. The misconception that hemp and marijuana are the same species, has hindered the research of hemp, its health benefits, and its placement on store shelves. Although hemp and marijuana come from the same plant, hemp differs in that its THC content is less than 0.3%.

Hemp seeds are called a superfood because they are heaped with nutrients.

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