In U.S. Hemp Politics, hemp continues to be illegal to grow without a stamp of approval from the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.

The reason for this limitation is that hemp is classified as a schedule one drug, along with it’s close cousin, marijuana. However, THC levels for hemp are around 0.3%, whereas marijuana THC levels are an average 10%.

Hemp Politics

The classification for hemp is likely to change, hopefully in the near future. Institute for Advanced Learning and Research Executive Director Mark Gignac feels that Southside Virginia its losing out on a profitable crop and industry that could greatly benefit local farmers and the economy.

The U.S. spends an estimated $700 million on imported hemp. As more and more states join the hemp movement, Virginia could very well be next.

A summit will be held at the end of February by the institute and Halifax County, to explore the opportunity of a potential hemp industry in the Southside Virginia.

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