The DEA’s move to change CBD’s status under the Controlled Substances Act is leading many to question the status of Hemp Politics in the U.S.

Hemp Politics

CBD, (Cannabidiol), is an extract of the cannabis plant. It does not contain the psychoactive compound found in marijuana (THC), and it is used as treatment for many different medical conditions, such as epilepsy and chronic pain.

In December 2016 the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration added CBD to the list of Schedule 1 drugs, thus changing the classification of the extract. CBD now has the same status as heroin and methamphetamine, so technically it’s illegal.

There is a contradiction however, as laws have been introduced by Congress that do not equate this new ruling. The good news is that when there is a discrepancy between the DEA and Congress, Congress takes precedence, according to Asheville attorney Rod Knight.

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