In recent Hemp Politics, the National Hemp Association (NHA) has received its signature goal for the hemp legalization campaign, ‘Allow American Farmers to Grow Industrial Hemp.’ The forerunner of the campaign is NHA Board member Micah Nelson, and is one of several campaigns aimed at changing laws in the U.S. to make it legal to grow industrial hemp.

Hemp Politics

Over 130,000 signatures have been collected, and as head of hemp advocacy in the U.S., the NHA has good reason to celebrate, as the signatures mark a significant development towards industrial hemp legalization.

In addition, significant supporters have joined the NHA advocacy movement. Congressman Comer will present the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 to the 115th Congress.

On February 28th, the annual ‘Hemp on the Hill Expo and Conversation’ will take place in Washington DC, and the NHA will be there to reveal its petition and signatures.

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