In U.S. Hemp Politics there is a growing need to let go of the past and to allow industrial hemp to flourish. A law that is outdated and futile stands in the way of a new crop with the potential to completely turn things around for farmers in Southwest Kansas.These farmers are dealing with terrain that is very dry and water levels that are drying up.

Hemp is a harmless plant that got mixed up in the campaign to criminalize marijuana back in the 30’s. But unlike marijuana hemp is a viable crop replacement for farmers who are struggling to get by with the likes of corn, milo and wheat, due to a combination of low prices and difficult growing circumstances.

If Kansas lawmakers could just forget about the past and be open to the study and research of industrial hemp, Southwest Kansas farmers could have access to a cash crop that could relieve them of their current struggles.

Hemp Politics

Hemp doesn’t need a lot of water to grow and it can thrive in many different climates and terrains. In addition to hemp farming, new markets for industrial hemp could open up and provide economic benefits to the state. The federal Farm Bill of 2014 paved the way for such research and development. Now it’s up to the individual states to get on board.

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