In several U.S. states, Hemp Politics are taking positive steps towards recognising the benefits of hemp and legalising its growth, sales, and use. But lawmakers in the state of Kansas want to reverse progress, thus taking a big step backwards.

Certain lawmakers in the state of Kansas have requested that hemp-derived cannabidiol be made illegal, claiming that it is too similar to its cousin, marijuana.

Hemp Politics

For those using CBD oil as treatment, it has altered their lives in a very positive way. CBD oil is used to treat severe epilepsy, anxiety, autism, and many other conditions.

This week, in the state capital, a bill was presented to the state legislature that would implement a law to penalise CBD oil possession to the same degree as possession of marijuana.

Brian Pitts, owner of Phoenix Natural Wellness in Overland Park, is speaking up about the injustice of removing the choice from Americans. He understands, first hand, the incredible benefits of CBD oil. His 17 year old daughter has autism, which  sometimes puts her into an unconscious, trance-like state. Taking CBD oil has enabled her to become a functional, dynamic kid.

With the threat of a store raid hovering over him, Pitts has moved his inventory out of state, to keep it safe, and is encouraging his customers to contact the Kansas attorney general directly, to voice their concerns and help fight this law change.

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