In Hemp Politics this week, Indiana’s seed commissioner has requested History of Hemp: old photo of hemp farmerpermission from the federal government for local farmers to grow hemp.

Seed Commissioner Robert Waltz states that industrial hemp can not be grown without obtaining federal approval.The Indiana Legislature has approved the farming of hemp, but the state still needs permission from both the U.S. Drug  Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Waltz claims it could first take several months for the approval process to be completed, and after that, hemp growers and producers will still need a license and they’ll have to abide by strict state regulations.

Hemp is marijuana’s cousin, but it is non-intoxicating. It can not be grown without federal permission, but there are many hemp products which are legal, such as oils, paper, building materials and clothing.

Up until the 1800s, hemp was a popular crop in the United States. However, the federal drug laws against marijuana use also put an end to the production of industrial hemp.

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