On October 14th, the annual Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention shed some light on the current state of Hemp Politics. Taking place at OK Farms in Hilo, farmers from across the state gathered to learn about a crop that is new to Hawaii.

Hemp Politics - Hemp_101

There were over 60 people in attendance. Speakers from Colorado and Vermont were there to talk about the technicalities of cultivating industrial hemp.

As federal laws are easing up on hemp regulations, an industry of hemp farming and processing is slowly rising up across the United States and Canada. Individual states are setting up pilot programs to study hemp farming and its economic benefits.

Hawaii is one of the latest states to get on board. A successful pilot program in Oahu showed that Hawaii is a prime location for growing hemp. As a result, Gov. David Ige signed a bill last July that permits farmers to grow hemp in order to study the crop for agricultural purposes.

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